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Legrand: Delivering and Managing Power, Light, and Data

Legrand’s largest branch in its worldwide network is its North and Central American division, boasting more than 9,000+ employees and a diverse array of product categories across both non-residential and residential sectors. 

About Legrand 

Legrand is committed to creating innovative products and solutions to transform the spaces where we all live and work by continually improving how we deliver and manage light, power, and data.

The engineering of exceptional experiences generates exciting new solutions through the products they design and manufacture, their relentless pursuit of sustainable business practices, and the brand partnerships they have maintained and continue to build. 

Solutions For Digital & Electrical Infrastructure 

Legrand promises high-quality materials and services in every aspect of its offerings and takes extra measures to ensure its products always reach the highest industry standards.

To build their successful relationships with suppliers, they promote a framework of teamwork, performance, and operational excellence while competitively meeting quality standards and complying with LNCA’s Sustainability objectives. 

Legrand Is Dedicated To Sustainability 

Across their organization, Legrand recognizes that sustainability is an opportunity and a responsibility. In May 2019, Legrand launched their latest Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap. The roadmap lays out a framework for their investments in sustainability for the next three years. The Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap is split up into three main focus areas: people, business ecosystem, and environment. 

Legrand is dedicated to building sustainability into all of its system solutions. They are committed to engineering solutions that reduce their operations’ environmental impact, enabling buildings to be as high-performance as possible and transform the way people live and work- all in a comfortable, efficient, and safe manner. 

Our Legrand Partner Brands


Ortronics is a global leader in network infrastructure solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products including copper and fiber connectivity, cable management, and cabinet solutions. Their products are designed to ensure efficient and flexible operation of data centers and building networks, adhering to Legrand’s superior design principles. 

 The Ortronics product line includes the Infinium Quantum Fiber System, which sets a new standard for data center performance with the lowest total system loss on the market, and wall-mount network cabinets ideal for edge-computing applications. They also offer the Shielded High-Density Jack, which provides optimal electrical performance for high-powered PoE systems. Legrand’s goal is to integrate various building applications into a shared infrastructure, contributing to the development of Smart Buildings and partnering with industry leaders to enhance service accessibility and efficiency.

Approved Networks

Approved Networks specializes in third-party optics for networking, serving over 3,000 clients across 30 countries from their Los Angeles headquarters. Their expertise lies in providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions for data centers, corporate entities, and government agencies worldwide. They offer a range of products including direct attach cables, transceivers, cable management equipment, and fiber cabling, all backed by rigorous testing and a lifetime warranty. The company prides itself on its technical prowess, consistently delivering first-to-market solutions and maintaining the lowest return rate in the industry. 

 Approved Networks partners with top-tier contract manufacturers to ensure a steady supply of components that meet MSA specifications. They stand out in the market by offering programming services that unlock savings for customers, often restricted by OEMs’ complex algorithms. With a strong commitment to progress and reliability, they continue to push industry standards forward, ensuring their products are tested, certified, and ready for the demands of modern data centers. 


Quiktron by legrand products

Quiktron is a brand with over 20 years of experience in the datacomm and telecommunications industries. Quiktron® offers an extensive range of products, including both copper and fiber solutions. Their product lineup caters to various needs, from simple to complex, and from standard to custom configurations. 

Copper Products: Quiktron® provides copper connectivity solutions such as patch cables, patch panels, and keystone jacks. These products are essential for creating reliable network connections within data centers, offices, and other environments. Whether you need standard Cat 5e or high-performance Cat 6a cables, Quiktron® has you covered.

Fiber Optics: Quiktron® also specializes in fiber optic products, including fiber patch cords, MTP/MPO assemblies, and fiber enclosures. Fiber optics offer high bandwidth, low latency, and immunity to electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for demanding applications. Quiktron® ensures quality and performance across their entire fiber product range. 


Cablofil offers a comprehensive range of cable management solutions to enhance contractor efficiency and optimize project costs. Their offerings include ladder and wire mesh cable trays, fasteners, prefab assemblies for branch circuit wiring, and various accessories. Cablofil products are engineered to facilitate seamless transitions between jobs, accelerate project timelines, and address labor skill challenges, thereby improving productivity and the bottom line for businesses. 

 The Cablofil wire mesh cable tray system stands out for its open design, ease of installation, and fewer required parts. It is a flexible and efficient choice for managing cables in diverse environments such as office buildings, data centers, and industrial applications.

Additionally, Cablofil provides specialized solutions for heavy industrial electrical applications, including options that offer high load performance, corrosion resistance, and weight reduction, suitable for challenging conditions like petrochemical plants and oil platforms.


Wiremold by Legrand concentrates on comprehensive wire and cable management solutions for both outdoor and indoor applications, partnering with C&C Technology Group to deliver maximum connectivity and power products. Their offerings are particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing immediate ways to reconfigure commercial spaces for enhanced safety. This includes hands-free switches for lights, wireless charging options that integrate into furniture, and chemical-resistant switches and outlets with stainless steel wall plates for easy cleaning. 

Its products are designed to accommodate the evolving needs of commercial facilities, healthcare environments, and outdoor workspaces. They offer easily removable and installable power options to support social distancing, furniture-integrated charging units, Plugmold strips for extended power distribution, wire mesh cable trays for cable organization, and portable plug-in units for convenient power access. These solutions aim to optimize staff effectiveness, patient comfort, and operational efficiency, ensuring electrical safety and flexibility in ever-changing environments. 

Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic Products specializes in creating AV system mounting solutions for commercial, residential, security, and broadcast applications. Their products, designed and made in the USA, focus on simplifying installation and include features like pre-installed washers on rack screws, built-in cable management, and thermal considerations. They offer a range of products such as the SR Series Wall Mount Rack, which saves space and allows easy access to equipment connections, and the Forward Pre-Configured BGR, which enables faster installation of AV systems. 

The  C3 Credenza Series now includes a Frame to Furniture option with integrated display mounts, developed in collaboration with Chief. This solution allows for easier integration of AV equipment and supports ADA compliance, with a variety of finishes and sizes to match current design trends. The company emphasizes ease of installation, space optimization, and integrated AV system support to enhance the experience for both integrators and end-users.


Chief, a premium brand of Legrand AV, specializes in providing a comprehensive range of AV solutions and products. They are known for their quality and innovative designs, offering storage, mounts, and accessories for various AV components such as TVs, monitors, projectors, and displays. Chief’s product lines include video wall mounts, kiosks, display mounts, workstation mounts, projector mounts, storage solutions, and whiteboard mounts. 

 Their services cater to a variety of sectors with solutions like Connected Campus, K-12 Education, Worship, Work From Home, Digital Signage, Government, Healthcare, Huddle Spaces, Corporate, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Workspace Solutions. Chief also offers specialized products like the Impact Series for kiosks, PAC Series for in-wall storage, and Fusion Pull-Out Accessories for large display servicing. These offerings are designed to enhance interactive installations and standardize AV component deployment across different applications. 


C2G focuses on high-quality connector and network cable solutions for various applications, including digital signage, government, education, and healthcare sectors. They offer a comprehensive range of products such as extenders, video splitters, distribution amplifiers, and their award-winning RapidRun modular cabling system. C2G’s solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of content providers, architects, and integrators, backed by exceptional pre-sale and post-sale support. 

 Their offerings include Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a patch cables, Wiremold raceway and power products, DisplayPort cables and adapters, and innovative connectivity solutions for classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, and more. C2G also provides Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapters and a variety of cables and devices for secure and reliable connectivity in government and healthcare environments. The company prides itself on connecting people and networks with its technology solutions for over two decades.


Da-Lite creates high-resolution projection screens, offering a variety of solutions to enhance the user and technician experience. Their product range includes ambient light rejection screens like the Parallax Stratos 1.0, which provides a cost-efficient solution for large-scale projections, rejecting up to 80% of ambient light. They also offer portable options such as the Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System, optimized for easy portability and setup. Da-Lite’s commitment to quality is evident in its comprehensive five-year warranty and its Screen Green recycling program, which promotes environmental responsibility by recycling old screen surfaces. 

 In addition to their screen products, Da-Lite provides made-to-order and custom products, including the DescenderPro, a ceiling-recessed electric screen available for same-day shipping. This product comes in various sizes and surface options, catering to immediate customer needs. Da-Lite’s focus on innovation and quality assurance positions them as industry leaders in screen technology, with a goal to future-proof projects by offering 16K-ready HD Ambient and Progressive Light Rejecting surfaces. Their partnership with C&C Technology Group ensures clients receive industry-leading products and services. 


Vaddio is known for professional quality PTZ cameras and Unified Communication and Collaboration systems designed for the audiovisual and production markets. Their products, known for enterprise-class performance and system-configured design, are supported by industry-leading customer service. Vaddio’s solutions are utilized in various settings, including educational institutions like George Washington University, where they enhance learning experiences with their AV technology, and iconic locations such as the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, where they capture historical moments with their high-definition cameras. 

 The company also offers the Vaddio Deployment Tool, which simplifies AV installations by enabling remote configuration management, mass firmware updates, and easy troubleshooting. Their EasyIP Ecosystem further streamlines AV-over-IP systems installation, offering cost-efficient and high-quality video conferencing solutions. Vaddio’s commitment to simplifying the AV experience is evident in its user-friendly interfaces and scalable solutions that cater to a wide range of deployment sizes and needs. 


Luxul, a line of premium AV products by Legrand, is designed to create exceptional AV experiences through innovative solutions and excellent service. The brand is recognized for its commitment to sustainability and offers a range of products, including the Epic Mesh wireless mesh node, which can function as a node or router to ensure robust internet connectivity throughout the home. Luxul’s new SW-100-05PD switches, powered by PoE+, are compact and versatile, ideal for powering AVoIP receivers and other PoE devices in tight spaces.  

ProWatch is a free software for custom installers to monitor and manage all devices on a network, ensuring seamless operation and remote troubleshooting capabilities. Luxul’s focus on security is evident in its updated installation process, which includes enhanced SSID passphrases and mandatory password updates to protect user data. Overall, Luxul by Legrand stands out for its mobile, convenient products and user-friendly, plug-and-play switches that cater to a variety of networking needs. 

Server Technology

Server Technology has been a trusted provider of power solutions for labs, data centers, and telecommunications operations for over 30 years, with a customer base of over 60,000 worldwide. Their product lineup includes rack power distribution units (PDUs) and power management solutions designed to minimize downtime, aid in capacity planning, enhance energy utilization, and promote efficiency. 

Their flagship product, the High-Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) rack PDU, features the innovative Cx outlet—a hybrid outlet that can accommodate both C14 and C20 plugs. Server Technology emphasizes its commitment to quality and innovation, as evidenced by its market-leading technology solutions and high customer satisfaction ratings in PDUs and customer support. 


Raritan is a global leader in intelligent rack PDUs, environment management, and KVM switch products. They provide innovative solutions that enhance the reliability and intelligence of data centers worldwide, including those of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies. Their custom PDU designs and technologies are transforming power and infrastructure management. 

Raritan’s product line includes rack power distribution units (PDUs), inline meters, transfer switches, and branch circuit monitoring systems. They also offer a range of rack solutions with environmental sensors, asset tags, and intelligent door locks. Additionally, Raritan provides KVM-over-IP switches and serial console servers, enabling secure, remote access and control of IT and network devices.


On q partner highlight smart home structured wiring solutions

On-Q offers a range of innovative solutions designed to enhance the convenience, comfort, safety, and entertainment of homes. Their products are tailored for professional installers and aim to simplify installation while delivering high performance. On-Q is known for its structured wiring systems, professional distribution modules, and connectors that form the backbone of a connected home. 

The brand also provides a variety of professional AV cables suitable for residential and light commercial use, ensuring high-speed data transfer and support for heavy loads to create impressive audio-visual experiences. Additionally, On-Q’s structured wiring and data connectivity solutions are integral to building Wi-Fi-ready homes, and they offer a comprehensive catalog and app for easy access to their products and information. 

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