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Solutions For Digital & Electrical Infrastructure

C&C Technology Group is proud to partner with Legrand, a leading global specialist in digital and electrical building infrastructures.

Legrand’s largest branch in its worldwide network is its North and Central American division, boasting more than 6,700 employees and a diverse array of product categories across both non-residential and residential sectors.

About Legrand

Legrand is committed to creating innovative products and solutions to transform the spaces where we all live and work by continually improving how we deliver and manage light, power, and data. The engineering of exceptional experiences generates exciting new solutions through the products they design and manufacture, their relentless pursuit of sustainable business practices, and the brand partnerships they have maintained and continue to build.

Legrand promises high-quality materials and services in every aspect of its offerings and takes extra measures to ensure its products always reach the highest industry standards. To build their successful relationships with suppliers, they promote a framework of teamwork, performance, and operational excellence while competitively meeting quality standards and complying with LNCA Sustainability objectives.

Legrand Is Dedicated To Sustainability

Across their organization, Legrand recognizes that sustainability is an opportunity and a responsibility. In May 2019, Legrand launched their latest Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap. The roadmap lays out a framework for their investments in sustainability for the next three years. The Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap is split up into three main focus areas: people, business ecosystem, and environment.

Legrand is dedicated to building sustainability into all of its system solutions. They are committed to engineering solutions that reduce their operations’ environmental impact, enabling buildings to be as high performance as possible, and transform the way people live and work- all in a comfortable, efficient, and safe manner.

ELIOT- Legrand’s Global IoT Program

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of specifically matchable endpoints (or “things”) that use embedded technology to sense, pick up, communicate, and exchange data locally or with external environments, without the hassle of human interaction disrupting daily routines. As IoT becomes an ever-more-present reality, Legrand aims to accelerate the development of its range of connected products and services. 

The ELIOT program was launched in 2015 with the goal of giving Legrand’s products and services the power to communicate in any areas the Internet of Things can advance the user experience. ELIOT strives to promote interoperability and additionally supports the development of suitable digital infrastructures for buildings. The ultimate goal is to improve all professional user experiences, whether they’re installers or end-users.
legrand us data center solutions

Legrand US Products & Services

By incorporating their passion for good design principles into all aspects of their divisions, Legrand creates products that improve all users’ lives. Legrand offers efficiency, the perfect technology level to get the job done, award-winning customer services, and exceptional fit and finish. Legrand continually strives to integrate social responsibility with its purchasing processes, especially through accounting for the life cycle costs of their purchases and improving the social and environmental responsibility efforts of their partners and suppliers.

Legrand’s approach to life cycle costing involves a training and awareness campaign for every single employee involved in the purchasing approach in all of their global branches. They deploy in-depth vigilance plans to support suppliers identified as “at-risk.” The environmental, ethical, and societal rules Legrand enforces also apply to its subcontractors and suppliers and expects its suppliers and subcontractors to uphold their standards of social responsibility.


Legrand AV brands are globally recognized as leading providers of racks, mounts, video conferencing, screens, home theater, display, and connectivity solutions giving consumers premium audiovisual experiences. Legrand AV brands offer some of the most comprehensive collections of AV solutions available so that their customers can enhance their audiovisual experiences with the latest technological advancements. Their state-of-the-art solutions can be accessed through a wide variety of usage channels.

Lighting Controls & Systems

Legrand’s Wattstopper product line offers the most comprehensive line of scalable, simple, and highly flexible energy-efficient lighting solutions and controls for commercial applications. Wattstopper’s lighting controls and systems simplify normally complex functionality, and generate the optimal light for spaces where people work, learn, live, and heal.

Protect Your Lighting Controls Investment

Lighting Control Systems Services provides a wide array of support services from the initial concept to project completion for Architectural Dimming systems and Digital Lighting Management (DLM). Legrand’s top-rated Technology-enabled Services Contracts protect your project investment, along with their industry-leading secure remote support (RACCESS) (which won the LFI award in 2018).

Lighting Solutions

Legrand delivers high-performance lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications to transform where people work, live, heal, and play. Legrand products are engineered to optimize environmental sustainability and enhance today’s architectural spaces while delivering more comfortable environments. Legrand’s brands deliver cutting-edge acoustic and lighting solutions for exterior and interior environments.

DataCom Products and Solutions

Legrand is a global industry leader in engineering solutions for network infrastructure, offering a wide array of products designed to support your building network, data center, or audio/video application. No other firm gives their clients more ways to get and stay connected than Legrand.

Electrical Wiring Devices

Legrand makes electrical wiring simple for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. No matter how big or small the application, Legrand has the right electrical wiring devices for
your wiring jobs. Legrand offers the most complete line of commercial, residential, and industrial electrical wiring devices you can find anywhere.

Offering Electrical Solutions For Contractor Productivity

Seamlessly transition from job to job with Legrand’s suite of productivity resources and solutions. Legrand’s rich store of application and product expertise helps your business become more productive.

Through accelerating project timelines, lowering risk, handling labor skill issues, and boosting your bottom line, Legrand solutions cut costs for your business overall over the project’s entire lifecycle.

High-Performance Fiber Optic Systems and Solutions

The fiber optic solutions Legrand offers are designed to provide the most up-to-date network performance, with a wide range of connector and density options for the maximum level of compatibility.

Our modular products and systems are engineered to optimize installation efficiency and performance, giving your organization the flexibility to design and install in any environment effectively. Explore their product offerings, including cassettes, fiber connectors, and fiber cable assemblies.

Legrand US is a C&C Technology Group Partner

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