Lund Halsey: Control Room Global Leader

Lund Halsey, a control room designer and manufacturer since 1983, offers custom control room solutions. Together with Lund Halsey, C&C Tech Group offers the best smart solutions to our clients.


Who Is Lund Halsey?

Lund Halsey is a global market leader for control room solutions, and the company is renowned for its quality and service.

Lund Halsey creates differentiation through design to define the control room market’s future. Their Kontrol Command System exceeded all expectations, changing companies’ attitudes towards design, and won the DBA Design Effectiveness Award.

The company is well-established and successful in the design and manufacturing market for control rooms for use in various industries like broadcasting and aviation. It’s a complex, niche market, and Lund Halsey offers the best control room solutions for high-tech working environments.

Lund Halsey Market Sectors

The market sectors that Lund Halsey serves include:

  • TV Broadcast
  • Radio Broadcast
  • Oil, Gas, and Process Control
  • Security, Military, and Defense
  • Aviation and Transport
  • Satellites and Teleports
  • Renewable Energy
Control room solutions

Products & Solutions

Lund Halsey’s Products and Solutions

Lund Halsey’s core product offering include:


E-Type II Broadcast Console

Lund Halsey’s E-Type II Broadcast Console is a modular, ground-breaking console. Its innovative, easy-to-install design allows for reconfiguration and customization as your data center expands and develops. It can accommodate various accessories to provide maximum functionality for your business’s specific needs.

This industry-standard console features:

  • A fully reconfigurable and modular design
  • 19” console-mounted equipment pods
  • Customizable configurations for RCP’s, mixers, and other broadcast equipment
  • A wide range of optional accessories
  • An integrated cable management system
  • Control touch power unit
  • Internal rack mounting facility
  • Interchangeable pods

E-Type II Air Broadcast Console

Lund Halsey’s E-Type II Air Broadcast Console shares the same features as the company’s other E-Type II console but offers an adjustable height for additional customization.

Its features include:

  • An integrated cable management system
  • Rear access 3U racking
  • Interchangeable pods
  • Adjustable monitor arms
  • A sit/stand application
  • Front access 4U racking
  • Control touch power unit
  • Adjustable height

Kontrol Command

Lund Halsey’s Kontrol Command is a fixed-height console manufactured in the UK. It combines an ergonomic design with maximum functionality. This console offers an unrivaled level of flexibility and control and command rooms. The modular design uses a steel bay system for easy installation and built-in accommodation for various accessories.

This state-of-the-art console features:

  • An integrated cable management system
  • Lund Halsey’s renowned Kontrol monitor arm solution
  • Kontrol touch open and close
  • Complete customization

Kontrol Air

Lund Halsey’s Kontrol Air Console is a height-adjustable alternative to the company’s Kontrol Command. It shares many features with the Kontrol Command console, and the Kontrol Air Console comes standard with:

  • An adjustable height from 665 millimeters to 1,200 millimeters.
  • A 250-kilogram lifting capacity
  • An integrated cable management system

Ticketing Desks

Lund Halsey offers the design, manufacture, and installation of gate line desks, ticket offices, information desks, reception desks, temporary ticket offices, and payment counter desks.

The company’s ticketing desk solutions feature:

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • High Security 6mm thick Stainless Steel panels
  • Choice of high-grade finishing materials to SS panels
  • Choice of high-grade materials for internal and external countertops
  • Security Glass to P8B standard
  • Pass through counter and access tray
  • Dual height counter for standing and wheelchair access
  • Independent Human Factor design with optimized ergonomics
  • High-quality industry references
  • Pay Windows and Counters
  • Pass-Through Windows
  • Safety Windows
  • Speech Enhancement Systems
  • Cash Drawers
  • Storage Systems, Standard and Bespoke
  • Chip and Pin Mounting Systems
  • Flexible and Bespoke Storage Options
  • Operator Chairs
  • Power Distribution
  • Cable Management
  • Display Mounts
  • Security Blinds


Lund Halsey also offers accessories, including:


Monitor Stacks

The company’s two main monitor stack offerings are:

  • Kudostack:
    • Industry-standard monitor stack
    • Integrated cable management system
    • Fits any size screen, from 9” through to 105”
    • UMD, speaker, and clock mounts
    • Modular design system
    • Kudostack speaker stand
  • Vision Line:
    • Multiple possible configurations
    • Fits any size screen, from 12” to 120”
    • Floor standing, floor bolted, mobile, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted options
    • Modular design
    • Cost-effective solution

Control Room Chairs

Lund Halsey’s 24/7 control room chairs include the Aeron, Embody, and Sayl line. The company’s featured control room chair is the Mirra II, which offers:

  • 24/7 Rated
  • 5-year product warranty
  • Backrest angle adjustment to 16 degrees
  • Air lumbar support
  • Tip-up armrests
  • Contoured cushions
  • Seat tilt
  • Height adjustment (gas assisted)
  • 5-star base
  • Double wheel castors
  • Robust steel frame

Console Accessories

Lund Halsey’s other console accessories include:

  • Kontrol monitor arms
  • E-Type monitor arms
  • The Kudo Stack Plasma stand
  • Electronic height adjustable totems
  • Kontrol touch
  • Pixel power

The Lund Halsey Process

Lund Halsey has designed and manufactured control room solutions since 1983, and the company is still defining the future of this tech. 

They offer a complete design service to help build the ideal control room for your business. Next, they manufacture custom control room solutions for your company to provide you with the best functional console solutions. All of the company’s consoles are designed for seamless implementation and installation to meet the specifications of your design plan

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