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Luxul is Legrand’s line of premium AV products geared to generate incredible AV experiences through exceptional service and innovative solutions. Legrand’s AV brands are known as industry partners and leaders and unite to form a comprehensive suite of product offerings connecting people through technology in a diverse array of industries- from government and corporate to education and house-of-worship. Luxul by Legrand is dedicated to a culture of sustainability both locally and globally. Below we highlight some new products and features Luxul recently put out. 

Luxul Products

Luxul epic mesh

Epic Mesh

The Wireless Mesh Node integrates the ease of retail networking solutions power of a Luxul wireless product. This node can be employed either as an additional/replacement node to an existing mesh network or as a replacement router for a new mesh network. All you need to do is plug it into a convenient outlet and use the Luxul Easy Setup App on your Android or iOS smartphone to determine how the device will be used: node or router. The powerful 4×4 5GHz dedicated backhaul channel guarantees robust and stable connectivity to deliver speedy internet anywhere in the home!

New Switches

Luxul’s new SW-100-05PD switches are powered by PoE+, meaning it boasts an impressive list of feats you can accomplish with the small but powerful tool! For example, if you need to connect data to a couple of additional devices and power an AVoIP receiver, but you’re working with just a couple of inches of space behind a TV. Insert this cute little switch into that minimal space, connect a 30W PoE+ cable to its PoE+ input port, and then join your AVoIp receiver through PoE to its PoE output port. The remaining ports can be used to plug in any additional devices you need. You’ll be passing through 15W of PoE to the AVoIP receiver and maintaining an invisible, behind-the-TV installation. Moreover, if you’re powering this switch through an upstream-managed switch, you should be able to reboot it remotely if ever necessary. 

The process described above is only one demonstration of the numerous use cases SW-100-05PD Switch offers. Connect PoE cameras, control panels, AVoIp receivers, or any other type of PoE device you can think of into pretty much any space with the small form factor SW-100-05PD. Featuring mounting brackets with keyholes, rubber feet, and the option of magnetic mounting, the SW-100-05PD is one of Luxul’s most mobile, convenient products!

The SW-100-100-04P and the SW-100-08P respectively boast a 58W and 92W power budget, and in an individual port can power your PoE+ devices up to 30W. What does this mean for you and your utility? It means that users have access to IP cameras, power access points, AVoIP switches, control panels, and much more without needing to locate another place for a large piece of equipment! Their compact form factors optimize installation in constricted spaces. The included rubber feet and keyholes offer multiple mounting options, so there’s almost no limit to how these switches can be installed according to your specific needs! Don’t worry about complicated configuration or setup- the SW-100-03P and the SW-100-08P are plug-and-play, so technicians and installers can be up and running in minutes on any job.

Luxul ProWatch

Today, your clients’ networks need to host more connected devices than ever before. Their expectations for them to function without a glitch are also higher than ever. With Luxul ProWatch, you can monitor and manage every device on the network to catch and respond proactively to any problems while avoiding truck rolls for basic system management tasks. Note: A firmware update is necessary for Luxul Routers to be able to run ProWatch. 

FAQs About The New Luxul Prowatch

Below we address some common questions we get about the Luxul ProWatch

Q: How can I download the Luxul Prowatch program?

A: All you need to do is follow this link to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store 

Q: Is there a monthly fee for using ProWatch?

A: Lucky for you, the ProWatch program is an entirely free software Luxul offers as a bonus to the custom installer.

Q: Are there any hardware installations required before I can use ProWatch to manage sites?

A: There aren’t necessarily any hardware installations you have to make to use ProWatch. While there are physical products that need to be installed to take advantage of Luxul ProWatch (such as the router), the software itself is built into most Luxul products, so after your Luxul network is installed, you should be able to use ProWatch. 

Q: What Is “ProWatch Integrated?”

A: ProWatch Integrated products have been integrated into the ProWatch append to provide additional information and control. 

Q: What does “ProWatch Enabled” mean?

A: ProWatch Enabled or ProWatch products offer access to alert notifications, device monitoring, updates to device firmware, and remote access to and rebooting of the device.

Q: What is “ProWatch+”?

A: ProWatch+ products allow dealers to perform all the same ProWatch enabled products on non-ProWatch enabled developments.

Q: Is ProWatch a replacement for Domotz on Luxul routers?

A: Luxul still offers support for Domotz on its routers. ProWatch is simply an additional tool Luxul offers its integrators as a free option for remotely managing and monitoring their clients’ systems.

Q: What Products are ProWatch Enabled, ProWatch Integrated, and ProWatch+?

A: Right now, ProWatch Integrated products feature PDUs and switches, while ProWatch products feature access points, and ProWatch+ products feature wireless and wired routers.

Q: Is ProWatch available with Epic Mesh?

A: ProWatch will be available with Epic Mesh with a future update after Epic Mesh launches!

L2 l3 managed switch with 4 sfp luxul

Luxul’s New & Improved Security

As of January 1, 2020, Luxul has added additional security measures to its installation process. You may have already experienced this new setup using Luxul, but hopefully, the information below will provide some clarity:

  • Updated SSID Passphrase: Luxul changed their SSID passphrase to assist in offering an additional level of protection for you and your clients’ data. Users can find the updated passphrase on the Quick Install Guide of their product or the product label of certain products. It’s essential to note this critical update and ensure that your techs are in the loop!
  • Password Update: Since Luxul’s top priority is ensuring the security of you and your clients’ information, Luxul now requires a password update after typing the default credentials during the initial installation process. If you see the screen at the left, know that this is just a standard step in the new process that’s there for the safety of you, your organization, and your clients. 

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