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nCompass systems was born from the unique partnership of Legrand and Superior Essex, two long-time industry leaders of innovative communications technology. nCompass Systems provides a streamlined suite of high-performance optical fiber and copper structured cabling and connectivity solutions. nCompass integrates over a century of combined expertise from two industry giants to form an all-in-one solution of jacks, cabling, cabinetry, racks, and more. nCompass is dedicated to excellence in creating innovative, integrated, and sustainable communications design to handle all of your network needs.

About nCompass

Since its inception in 2013, nCompass systems has offered some of the most comprehensive solutions engineered to handle the expanding needs of communications networks. nCompassive solutions maximize efficiency, support, reliability, and flexibility to meet the growing demands of modern communication networks. 

Connectivity and Cabling Solutions

Superior Essex and Legrand joined forces to develop products that ensure best-in-class performance throughout both connectivity and cabling systems, reducing network downtime and minimizing operational budgets with nCompass’s reliable solutions. Created and tested in the firm’s state-of-the-art research facility and in-house ETL testing lab, all nCompass systems products are put through the grinder to make sure they meet or exceed all critical industry performance standards. 

CAT 5e U/UTP This nCompass™ 

The CAT 5e U/UTP This nCompass™ copper solution integrates Legrand’s KT2J Keystone series 5E connectivity with Superior Essex Marathon CAT 5e U/UTP cabling to provide reliable channel performance that exceeds most industry standards. Such reliable channel performance meets current industry specifications and optimizes network efficiency. 

nCompass systems

Products & Services


The CAT 5e+ U/UTP copper solution integrates Ortronics® Clarity® 5E connectivity and Superior Essex Cobra CAT 5e+ U/UTP cabling to provide enhanced channel performance exceeding most industry standards. This solution guarantees excellent overall channel performance that performs well over current industry standards, improving network efficiency with spectacular PSACR and PSNEXT over current CAT 5e standards. 


The CAT 6U/UTP copper solution integrates TechChoice and KT2J Keystone series CAT 6 connectivity by Legrand with Superior Essex Series 77 CAT 6 U/UTP cabling to provide reliable channel performance that exceeds the current ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 standard. Boasting a 3dB margin in ACR and PSACR, this system is engineered for evolving technologies needing a network that can grow as future network demands expand.


The CAT 6+ U/UTP copper solution integrates Ortronics® Clarity® 6 connectivity with Superior Essex DataGain® CAT 6+ U/UTP cabling to provide improved channel performance exceeding the current ANSI/TIA-568.2 standard. Boasting a 3dB margin in ACR and PSACR, this system is engineered for evolving technologies needing a network that can grow as future network demands expand.


The CAT 6+ F/UTP copper solution integrates Ortronics® CAT 6 F/UTP connectivity and Superior Essex CAT 6+ F/UTP cabling, providing channel performance that exceeds the current ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 standard. The shielded system offers an improved level of signal security stipulated by gaming, government, healthcare, and other environments where data security is paramount. The shielded system also features an overall shield core offering protection against EMI/RFI.


The CAT 6A U/UTP copper solution integrates TechChoice® connectivity and Q-Series patch cords by Legrand with Superior Essex 10Gain® CAT 6A U/UTP cabling, providing reliable channel performance that is up to the ANSI/TIA-568.2 standard and is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Cabling and connectivity products that are a part of nCompass “+” systems may be substituted for the components listed. The full range of products is listed on the nCompass systems website.


The CAT 6A+ F/UTP copper solution integrates Ortronics® 6A shielded connectivity with Superior Essex CAT 6A F/UTP cabling to provide optimized channel performance that goes above and beyond industry standards when it comes to any crosstalk parameter. This solution is perfect for 10GBASE-T applications due to the constant challenges and demands of evolving technologies.


The CAT 6A+ U/UTP copper solution integrates Ortronics® Clarity® 6A connectivity with Superior Essex 10Gain® XP U/UTP cabling to provide improved channel performance that exceeds current industry standards. Alien Crosstalk (AXT) is minimized with this system, allowing the channel to guarantee a 4dB margin over current AXT performance requirements. The system also offers bandwidth beyond TIA frequency specifications, 10Gain XP cables feature a nominal 0.275 inch diameter, enabling higher cable density than otherCAT 6A cable products. Comprehensively, the system provides maximum noise mitigation for improved performance and a small cable for easier installation to meet all current and future needs up to 10G. The solution supports Type 1 through Type 4 PoE applications and complies with IEEE 802.3 standards.


The CAT 6e+ U/UTP copper solution integrates Ortronics® Clarity® 6e+ connectivity with Superior Essex NextGain® cabling to provide optimal channel performance exceeding current industry standards. With the ever-evolving challenges and demands of new technologies, this solution’s 8dB margin in ACR and PSACR standards make it perfect for installations needing a network that will expand with future capacity and bandwidth needs like Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and other intensive applications.


The OS1/OS2 fiber solution integrates TeraFlex® bend-insensitive single-mode fiber cabling, and Superior Essex Reduced Water Peak with Infinium™ standard, high, and ultra high-density fiber connectivity by Legrand® to ensure excellent performance for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet. Data centers/storage area networks, campus, and backbone environments have advanced network requirements that the nCompass OS1/OS2 handles perfectly.

PowerWise® 1G 4PPoE

The PowerWise® 1G 4PPoE copper solution integrates Clarity® 5e connectivity by Legrand® and Superior Essex PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4PPoE cabling for premium energy efficiency and channel performance that exceeds industry standards. By enabling exceptional overall channel performance significantly above current industry specifications, the PowerWise® 1G 4PPoE copper solution enhances network efficiency. The PSNEXT and PSACR are all over current CAT 5e standards.

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