Powering the Future of Sustainable Buildings

A PoE lighting company knows that technology is our present and our future. Superior Essex believes that the technology that interconnects the world should also respect it. With that in mind, they are delivering the next phase in the evolution of smart, sustainable buildings.

Sustainable cabling from Superior Essex is enabling the next generation of PoE lighting integrators to be more adaptive and efficient than ever before. Manufactured sustainably and designed to minimize environmental impact, their products and accessories contribute to leading green building standards such as:

PoE lighting integrators

How is Superior Essex accomplishing this?

Safety and Security: A networked smart building allows for advanced security features for comprehensive threat intelligence and defense.

Lighting: With networked intelligent lighting systems, occupants can make adjustments to lighting in order to improve mood and well-being, increase alertness and promote productivity.

Temperature: Keeping air temperature at optimal levels supports occupant comfort and productivity, while also improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Personalization: In an office, hotel or hospital, occupants can personalize how their room environment works, looks and feels by customizing shower water temperature, window blind operation, alarm settings, audio/visual entertainment and more.

Energy Efficiency: Superior Essex PowerWise PoE cables are the most energy-efficient on the market, saving money by reducing power loss and overall energy consumption by up to 97%, compared with a traditional AC system.

Transparency: Our cabling provides superior quality while minimizing environmental impact.

To help give smart building integrators peace of mind and help them make informed purchasing decisions, Superior Essex is committed to full transparency about their products’ environmental and health impacts. They have published detailed information about these impacts in independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs).

They were also the first communications cable manufacturer to publish EPDs and HPDs. Currently, 55 of their products have HPDs and EPDs. Their Cat 6 LSHF product was one of the first in the market to achieve third-party verification status for HPDs.

Both EPDs and HPDs contribute to LEED v4 credits. HPDs also contribute to projects achieving the WELL Building standard.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Superior Essex is proud to be the first and only company in the industry, and one of the few in the globe to be certified Zero Waste to Landfill. In their factories and product development center, they divert waste from landfills by recycling and reusing materials, as well as improving their product designs to reduce the materials they use in manufacturing. Since 2014, they’ve demonstrated their commitment to manufacturing responsibly by sending ZERO waste to landfills.

Thus far 8.9 million pounds of waste have diverted from landfills annually. 8 million kWh of annual reduction in energy consumption has been achieved and 500 million gallons of water conserved annually through closed-loop water recycling.

Superior Essex is the only communications cable manufacturer with certified Red List free products. This means they contain none of the 800 chemicals classed as most harmful to the environment or people by the International Living Future Institute.

Superior Essex believes these are just some of the ways they are delivering the next phase in the evolution of smart, sustainable buildings enabling the next generation of PoE lighting integrators to be more adaptive and efficient than ever before.

Learn How PoE Lighting Can Help You

When you are researching PoE lighting and speaking with a company that offers installation services, you are probably wondering what the top benefits of this are. Most people who own and operate a business know that doing things that are uncomfortable can be the best step when it comes to growing your business, remaining current with technology, and doing what is best for your employees. PoE lighting may be one of these ways. Any time you bring something new to the office, it takes time for employees to get used to it. If you are hoping to take a big step toward moving your business into modern times, speak with a PoE lighting company team you can count on. 

  1. PoE lighting can give you insight into your building. You may be wondering: why do I need that? The more you learn about how your office works and what your building needs, the more you can utilize smart technology so that your building can work for your employees. For example, as you gain analytics, you can learn more about your top-used areas in your office building and how you can reduce lighting usage to save time and money. It can tell you if things are operating efficiently or if there are areas that need tuned-up around your building. 
  2. Give your employees the boost they need. Employees will operate better when they work in lighting that is best suited for them. If an employee is stuck under a blinking bright light all day, they may get headaches or find that they have a hard time concentrating on their work. However, PoE lighting can allow the individual employee to set the lighting by their desk in a specific way (neutral or warm) so that they can work more efficiently with fewer distractions. 
  3. Use natural, not artificial light. Have you ever looked up at the lights in your building and thought it was wasting money and energy to have them on when there is natural daylight? You can speak with your contractor about setting a certain lumen value up so that if the natural daylight reaches that lumen value, your office lights will shut off. Similarly, if it is dark outside your office lights will turn on to that base lumen value as needed. 

PoE lighting can give you and your employees the opportunity to work more efficiently and in an environment that is more comfortable. Reach out to a PoE lighting company team to learn more about how this technology can help your office. 

To learn more about a PoE lighting company, contact the C&C Tech Group today.

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