PoE Smart Building

What is a PoE Smart Building?

Implementing a PoE Smart Building plan and systems can accelerate the digital transformation and extend the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) throughout your facilities. A PoE Smart Building converges multiple building networks – lighting, HVAC, IP video, IoT sensors and much more – all through a secure and intelligent network platform.

What is a poe smart building?

Why Build PoE Smart Buildings?

The the ultimate result of a PoE Smart Building is cost reduction. This reduction is a symptom of creating efficiencies that had previously been to expensive to build, manage and implement. There are two primary operational cost centers for most businesses: (1) employees and (2) real estate. PoE Smart Buildings have a direct bearing on these cost centers by:

  1. Creating a better, more healthy environment (e.g. air and light quality) which improves employee productivity and reduces sick time.
  2. Providing accurate space utilization data to make important real estate plans and accurate facility management budgets.
why build poe smart buildings

Why Build PoE Smart Buildings?

Buildings that implement PoE Smart Building technology can improve their overall efficiency, promoting better system management, sustainability and lowering operating costs as integrated services adapt to people’s dynamic needs in real-time. The C&C Technology Group advisory team will help guide organizations to:

  1. Understand more clearly what smart building technology capabilities matches the business objectives
  2. Decide which technology platforms should be considered
  3. Validate design and integration partners with the capabilities to properly implement PoE Smart Building technology

Enabling the Digital Building

With PoE Smart Building technology, services are converging over a common infrastructure in which C&C has been supporting for over 30 years. C&C’s physical infrastructure solutions help to support the new active equipment being deployed, whether in the ceiling or in the telecom room. C&C’s connectivity solutions are designed to support the additional considerations Power over Ethernet-based systems will place on cabling and connectivity. Extending beyond the ceiling our A/V, PC and cable management solutions enable seamless connectivity for the end user.

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