Trending Conference Room Technologies from 2023

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If your company uses a conference room, you want to make sure you get the most out of that room. Otherwise, you are just wasting office space.

The best way to make sure you make the most out of a conference room is by using the right technologies. Effective technology use allows a conference room to do more and be more effective for the people using it. If you’re interested in technologies like this, keep reading. This article will explore multiple different conference room technologies that are trending in 2023.

Digital Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are one of the more unique conference room technologies out there. They are the perfect way to display any kind of information in a way that is visible to the entire room. This information can be pulled from anywhere and then marked up and annotated, just like a regular whiteboard can be.

However, the real advantage provided by digital whiteboards comes from their collaborative ability. With a cloud-based program accessible to everyone in the meeting, the whiteboard can be the ultimate canvas for idea-sharing and communication. Everyone in the room can use their own devices and see the changes they are making reflected on the whiteboard.

Digital whiteboards also take things outside of the conference room. Many open up interactions with those outside the room as long as they use the right program. This means that conferences can take place without boundaries. This is particularly important considering that one study suggests that, by 2025, 22% of American workers will work remotely.

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Voice Recognition and AI

Voice recognition software can be incredibly helpful in a conference room setting. It can be used to record notes, input information into a schedule, and much more. It can even go on to control the room itself, as many smart rooms can change the lighting or adjust volume levels through voice commands.

This type of technology has been around for years, and many find it disappointing. After you fully take advantage of the ability of a program like Siri to accomplish basic tasks, it ends up leaving you wanting more. After all, it feels like programs like these should be able to handle more complex tasks, tasks that would be helpful in a conference room setting.

The good news is that voice assistants are going to become more advanced as artificial intelligence becomes more prominent. Right from the start, AI helps make voice recognition better and more effective so that commands are understood more often, and fewer mistakes are made. On top of this, more and more companies are using generative AI programming alongside voice assistants. This will quickly lead to voice assistants being able to do more and handle more complicated queries.

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Meeting Room Software

The importance of a smart conference room has reached the point where software programs are being specifically designed to make using them easier.

Some of the most beneficial meeting room software is used to track time in the conference room. This can be used to schedule time so that different groups can ensure they have the space they need when they need it. This scheduling can come with explanations about why the room is needed so that booking preferences can be sorted by priority.

The best part is that this software gives important data. It lets people in charge know when the room is being used and what it is being used for. These analytics give some direction for the future of the room, as future alterations can be made with current usage information in mind.

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High-Quality Cameras

Now more than ever, video calling is important. Years ago, the average office employee could expect to almost never be on a video call. Now, many office employees have to face video calls every day.

The good thing is that the technology behind this has improved. Video calling companies are capable of conducting high-quality video calls between multiple people with no problem. However, the quality of the call is limited by the technology each participant is using.

Having high-quality cameras available in a conference room allows each participant to be properly seen. It eliminates the need to rely on the low-quality camera that comes with most computers.

In addition, many conference room cameras use technology to make the calls even better. Some use AI to track the speaker and highlight them in the call.

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Smart Lighting

Every room needs lighting. However, not all lighting is built equally. Now, smart lighting is the obvious choice when outfitting a conference room.

When it comes to smart lighting like this, Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is a great choice. PoE lighting can be controlled via the internet. This allows users to adjust it in a way so that it turns off when no one is scheduled to use the conference room or at the end of the day when work hours end.

In addition, many smart lighting options like this give users additional methods of control. Some can be altered or changed via an app. This means that people in the conference room can adjust the lighting to suit their purposes.

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Improved WiFi

If you have a bad internet connection, any work you are trying to do in a conference room will be difficult. Researching anything is problematic, pulling up content online takes too long, and video streaming has way too much buffering.

Many conference rooms are trying to eliminate this problem by offering improved WiFi reception within the conference room. This may come from a router or a signal extender in the room. Some rooms even have Ethernet ports, as Ethernet is significantly faster than WiFi, so anyone looking to hardwire in can do so.

A group of people having a meeting at a conference room table

Top Conference Room Technologies in 2023

There are plenty of conference room innovations out there to take advantage of in 2023. Whether you simply want to improve the room’s internet reception or are looking to install a full digital whiteboard, there is room to improve. Using any of these technologies will improve your conference room and the work that is accomplished within it.

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