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RGB Spectrum offers cutting-edge video processing, display, and control technologies come to life. RGB Spectrum specializes in creating advanced solutions that enhance visual data accessibility and situational awareness across diverse industries.

About RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum, founded in 1987, has established itself as a premier developer of innovative solutions for video processing, display, and control. Based in Alameda, California, they specialize in applications across various sectors, including government, defense, medical, education, and commercial industries. Their expertise lies in creating products that manage and distribute visual data, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making in critical environments. With a commitment to quality and innovation, RGB Spectrum’s technologies are designed to meet the specific needs of their diverse clientele, reinforcing their position as a leader in the visual technology field.

Advanced Product Offerings

Video Wall Processors

These processors are designed for high-performance and scalable visual displays. Ideal for command centers, operation rooms, and public displays, they offer features like real-time processing, high resolution, and flexible layout options. RGB Spectrum’s video wall processors can handle multiple video feeds simultaneously, making them perfect for environments where comprehensive visual monitoring is essential.


RGB Spectrum’s multiviewers allow for the simultaneous viewing of multiple sources on a single screen, which is crucial for monitoring and surveillance applications. They provide features like high-resolution display, customizable layouts, and easy source switching. This capability is vital in control rooms and security operations where quick access to multiple data streams is necessary for effective decision-making.

Networked KVM Control Systems

These systems enhance workflow and productivity by enabling efficient control over multiple computers from a single user station. Ideal for complex IT environments, these systems streamline operations, reduce clutter, and improve user ergonomics. They are particularly beneficial in scenarios where fast and reliable access to multiple systems is crucial, such as in broadcast control rooms or IT command centers.

Extender Solutions

RGB Spectrum’s extenders facilitate high-quality, long-distance transmission of audio and visual data, ensuring no signal loss or degradation over extended distances. These solutions are ideal for large venues, corporate campuses, and situations where AV sources need to be remotely located from the display or control equipment.

Control Room Management Tools

Designed for critical operations, these tools offer seamless integration and management of various data sources. They are key in environments like emergency operations centers, where integrating data from multiple sources quickly and accurately is vital for effective response and coordination.

Industry Applications

RGB Spectrum’s solutions are versatile, serving sectors such as defense and aerospace with advanced monitoring systems, aiding in medical fields with high-definition visualizations, and enhancing public safety with reliable surveillance technology.

  • Government and Defense: Their video-processing solutions are integral to command and control centers, where real-time surveillance and situational awareness are essential. These tools enable efficient data analysis and decision-making, crucial in crisis management and strategic operations.
  • Commercial: In the commercial sector, RGB Spectrum’s display and control systems enhance retail spaces and corporate environments. They facilitate dynamic advertising, immersive customer experiences, and effective corporate communication, contributing to increased engagement and productivity.
  • Education: For educational institutions, RGB Spectrum’s technology supports interactive learning and advanced presentations. Their solutions aid in creating multimedia-rich environments, enhancing the educational experience for teachers, students, and facilitating remote learning opportunities.
  • Healthcare: In healthcare, their solutions are crucial for patient monitoring, telemedicine, and medical training. By providing high-definition visualizations, they assist medical professionals in diagnostics and treatment planning, enhancing patient care and medical education.
  • Broadcast and Media: For the broadcast and media industry, RGB Spectrum’s products streamline live broadcast operations and media production. They enable efficient video processing and management, essential for delivering high-quality content in an increasingly digital media landscape.
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Why Choose RGB Spectrum?

Choosing RGB Spectrum means opting for reliability, innovation, and quality. Their commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to create user-friendly, efficient, and reliable solutions sets them apart in the industry. With a customer-centric approach, RGB Spectrum ensures that each solution aligns perfectly with client requirements.

C&C Technology Group is the Proud Partner of RGB Spectrum

In partnership with a multitude of sectors, RGB Spectrum continues to push the boundaries of visual technology. They stand as a testament to the power of innovative solutions in transforming how we process and display information. Learn more by connecting with us.

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