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Sennheiser: Industry Leading Audio Technology

Sennheiser is a leading provider of audio equipment, like headsets, microphones, and conference systems for businesses of all sizes.

The brand’s quality is unmatched in the industry, which is why we partner with them to meet all of your audio needs.

About Sennheiser

Sennheiser has been around for over 75 years, shaping the future of audio and changing the ways businesses communicate. In addition, Sennheiser has been at the forefront of innovation for years.

They created the first directional microphone in the 1950s, the first open headphone in the 1960s, and infrared transmission technology in the 1970s.

In the ’80s, Sennheiser developed the first multi-channel wireless transmission, followed by surround sound systems and intelligent audio in the ’90s.

Today, their audio solutions are even more profound. They continue to drive the digitalization of the audio world and ensure that it stays that way with Sennheiser Innovation AG. Their designers, engineers, managers, and researchers work continuously to shape the theme of the future. They strive to detect important developments in both business and consumer preferences to focus on their products and services accordingly.

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Sennheiser Works For

Presentation & Lecture Applications

Sennheiser’s premium audio solutions for speeches, lectures, and presentations fit various demands and room scenarios. The company’s audio products offer a high degree of flexibility and are easy to use. These products are designed to let you focus on your message, not the equipment. You’re guaranteed superior speech intelligibility because they are optimized for speech applications. Even with continuous use, you can count on Sennheiser’s products for their reliability.

Meeting & Conference Applications

Sennheiser’s audio solutions for meetings and conferences aim to provide a perfect understanding between all attendees. Especially when some attendees reside in foreign countries or other locations and telephone conferences commonly get held from mobile offices, Sennheiser’s audio equipment makes for the perfect solution. Having the right products is an integral part of modern business communications. Using the proper equipment to convey all of the information between vast audiences and over long distances is decisive. Whether you hold large conferences with up to 400 people or small two-person meetings, Sennheiser has the ideal audio solutions to ensure that every word is heard crystal clear.

Assistive Listening Applications

Sennheiser also offers solutions and audio systems for assistive listening. From moods and emotions to critical information, the human voice conveys many things. However, they need to be clearly understood. That’s why Sennheiser introduced its assistive listening systems. They are a valuable contribution to workplace inclusion. The company uses its audiology expertise in the science of hearing to help connect people and bring down every barrier in the way.

Visitor Guidance Applications

Sennheiser is also known for the robust audio systems useful for guided tours and visitor guidance. If you need to convey massive amounts of knowledge to a group of people, Sennheiser’s solutions can help you accomplish your task in many different ways. Their systems not only transmit crisp and clear audio, but they also enable multimedia applications. You can also use these solutions for assistive listening and interpreting applications. Sennheiser’s flexibility, ease of use, and outstanding audio quality have made their visitor guidance systems the benchmark worldwide.

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Sennheiser Products & Services

Sennheiser’s product line includes industry-leading equipment for touchless audio, digital wireless technology, and more. The company makes a perfect partner for any business looking for the best audio solutions. Sennheiser also has a global network of partnerships to offer you more flexibility and freedom to design unique ecosystems without restrictions.

Digital Wireless

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is Sennheiser’s renowned system for lecture and speech. It’s optimized and designed for corporate and University use. Due to its broad product portfolio, the system is extremely versatile, and you can adapt it to the requirements of any individual application. With easy end-user operation and long battery life, this product line is a workhorse that lasts through much continuous use.

Sennheiser’s goal for SpeechLine Digital Wireless is to make AV and IT managers’ work easier. They met that goal and more when the company introduced its new SpeechLine Multi-channel Receiver, which presented the perfect IT audio solution integration. The digital microphone system adheres to the latest IT standards, PoE connectivity, and is completely controllable remotely.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Sennheiser’s Team Connect Ceiling 2 is a revolutionary product in the ceiling microphone market. It’s a solution that adapts entirely to the conditions and requirements of any site in various aspects at once.

Due to the company’s patented beamforming technology, this product can automatically detect active speakers in the room and follow them with 28 integrated microphone capsules. The result is more productive, simpler conference calls with optimum audio quality. You can use TeamConnect 2 with fully digital or existing analog systems. This Sennheiser microphone supports Dante Domain Manager, Power over Ethernet, and the company’s remote control software.

Wired Microphones

Sennheiser’s SpeechLine microphones ensure that every word counts. They are great for presentations, meetings, and more and are designed to specifically deal with the spoken word to guarantee the highest level of speech intelligibility. Because microphones provide personal solutions for various audio situations, you can integrate them into any environment seamlessly.

Sennheiser carries a wide range of wired microphones for a variety of applications.

Campus-Wide Audio

For campuses and students, learning requires listening. Sennheiser and its role in the global digital transformation model provide universities with the best digital AV equipment. Sennheiser’s education solutions provide a holistic and IT-friendly solution to the educational world. They support students and their personal developments by providing them with ideal conditions to share ideas and gain knowledge and discussions and lectures.


Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit is one of the best software available for controlling, handling, and maintaining your digital workflows. With it, you can manage your entire SpeechLine portfolio, microphone systems, and the company’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 solution. This easy-to-control software gives you a global overview of your network-enabled devices in real-time.

You can see all of your equipment’s statuses at a glance and make setting adjustments for multiple devices at the same time easily.

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