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Smart building contractor

C&C Technology group, based out of New Jersey, can recommend a smart building contractor for your project. These contractors will tell you the buildings we have become accustomed to are too inefficient. While they provide a roof over our heads and walls around us to keep out the elements, they are also disconnected from themselves and are even in a way, too complicated. When you think of a standard office you may envision the lights, air conditioning, heat, fire alarms, and security alarms, among other systems. However, they are all separate systems. Having these systems disconnected causes a waste of energy, cost-effectiveness, and building use. Smart buildings can improve efficiency by connecting the systems, which would result in decreased operating costs and increased productivity, safety, and quality of life for the occupants who live and work inside these buildings.

Lifetime Costs Are Lowered

Initially, as a smart building contractor can demonstrate, the costs associated with a conventional building is significantly less than those for a smart building. However, smart buildings offer a lower life-cycle cost, and owners can recoup their investments quicker. One of the main benefits of integrating building systems and creating smart buildings is the amount of potential energy savings that can be attained. For the building’s owner, however, the benefits from integration from an operational viewpoint are just as significant. 

The smart building contractors we can recomend explain that having one platform that can integrate multiple, different systems can save time. If there were a fire in one section of the building, security cameras could find the fire and isolate it to the section in which it is currently located. The system would know to turn off the ventilation system to that area, so it does not add fuel to the fire. Finally, it would be able to open normally locked doors to allow for everyone to get out safely. 

In addition to saving time during emergencies, smart buildings are beneficial for the equipment that is running it. Smart building contractors will tell you how smart management systems can detect errors in machinery and may be able to proactively alert workers when a piece of equipment is going to fail. This would allow the lifetime of building equipment to increase as well as reducing maintenance costs and preventing equipment from completely failing. 

Buildings Are Healthier When They are Smarter

Smart buildings are potentially able to enhance the happiness, productivity, and the health of its occupants. Systems installed by a smart building contractor can have HVAC systems that improve the air quality, which in turn is found to increase productivity in workers. In addition to boosting workers’ productivity, these systems could be used to benefit anyone with breathing conditions greatly. For instance, having an HVAC system that can filter out dust, pollen, and even carbon monoxide would significantly impact the life of someone who suffers from severe asthma. 

Contact a Smart Building Contractor Today

Overall, smart buildings have been found to not only save energy and prevent expensive maintenance expenses but also to increase its occupants’ quality of life. C&C Technology Group can refer you to a contractor that has expertise in designing the quality systems to make your building more intelligent. Integrating your building’s systems to increase their efficiency and reduce your costs will take a team of experienced professionals. To ensure your building has higher safety, lower costs, and improved quality of life for its occupants, contact C&C Technology Group today to get in touch with a smart building contractor. 

Benefits of Having A Smart Building

In this day in age, technology has taken over almost everything. Some things you may not even realize are connecting to the Internet. This can include items such as your Fitbit, the GPS in your car, or your Bluetooth speakers. All of these things are connected to the cloud in the “Internet of Things.” So, what else does technology have to offer? What if there were smart buildings that were also connected to the cloud? What if technology was incorporated into buildings to enhance the atmosphere and reduce energy costs?

At C&C Technology Group, the smart building contractors we can recommend are attempting to solve those questions by the innovation of intelligent buildings, or smart buildings, that are connected to the cloud. Smart buildings have many benefits, such as cost and energy efficiency, better safety, and security. Our team of skilled designers and engineers have worked to provide the most advanced form of intelligent buildings that technology currently has to offer. If you would like to incorporate technology into your building to make it intelligent, please contact us to get in touch with a smart building contractor. We are more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of advancing your building to a smart building and will talk you through the steps necessary to evolve your current building.

Benefits of Smart Buildings

  • Operating costs of smart buildings are typically much lower than the costs of standard buildings. This is due to the self-monitoring of energy systems such as lighting, heating, cooling, and HVAC systems.
  • The smart building contractors we work with can explain that the service of smart buildings is fast and effective. Since smart buildings monitor themselves, it gives managers of the building easy and reliable assessments of issues within the building. Instead of having annual checks from electricians and plumbers, the building itself can assess its situation and alert a manager or company if there is a faulty system throughout the building. This saves the manager of the building time and money.
  • Smart buildings are considered extremely safe compared to their non-intelligent counterparts. One of the main features of a smart building is its ability to manage potential fire threats. Smart building contractors share that if the intelligent building detects smoke, an alarm goes off alerting all inhabitants of the threat, the doors all unlock for a safe evacuation, and security cameras give emergency crews a real-time view of the building and where to find potential victims.
  • Intelligent buildings are considered enormously helpful to the environment and are more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings. Since the building monitors energy use, it can shut it on and off as needed throughout the day. It can also use optimum light use throughout the day, depending on how bright it is in the building.

There are multiple other benefits of upgrading your building to a smart building with the guidance of a smart building contractor. Smart buildings are the environmentally friendly and technologically advanced constructions of the future, and the sooner you invest in the technology, the sooner you will see the benefits yourself. Please call our C&C Technology Group today for any further questions you may have on intelligent buildings, or how implementing technology could enhance your building for all tenants or employees.

Who should you call?

You may wish to speak with a smart building contractor if you are interested in learning how a smart building can transform your workplace. When you are making decisions about the operations of your company, what is one of the first things you should do? You should not rely on guessing. Instead, you would track movements and productivity in your office, analyze the data, and make decisions based on that information. A smart building contractor would tell you that a smart building does just that. Not only can it improve based on what you tell it to, but it can also begin gathering data to make decisions on its own that best support your office building. 

Are smart buildings only good for energy efficiency?

You may have heard that smart buildings can slash your energy bills and be a talking point when it comes to discussing what you are doing for the environment. While this is true, smart buildings deliver so much more than that. In fact, the smart building contractors we represent know that you may not realize just how good a smart building can be for your office and its employees. Many employees can work more efficiently because they are able to utilize smart building technology features to book their own conference rooms, quickly order food for an office meeting, or even post a maintenance request if there is a leak in the bathroom or a spill on the floor. By utilizing smart building features for things like this, people do not have to go through a middleman for these items. Instead, they can process these tasks quickly and move on with their projects. It is as simple as that.

How can smart buildings help with office security?

Today, more and more people are concerned about their safety when they go to work, whether it is their physical safety or a cybersecurity attack. Our smart building contractor knows that when you feel safe and secure in your office you are able to work more productively and efficiently. By incorporating smart building technology into your office, you can more accurately monitor who goes in and out of your building, who should go in and out in your building, what kind of security access different employees should have, and who has access to different parts of your building’s system. Additionally, items like fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can be connected with other security features in your building so that you never have to worry about whether your office residents are safe. 

If you would like to see how a smart building contractor can help you, speak with C&C Technology Group now.

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