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Smart Lighting Contractor

Smart Lighting Contractor

smart lighting contractor

When you hear the words “smart building systems”, what comes to mind? Most people will think about energy efficiency, energy conservation, and new technology. While very much a part of smart building systems, a New Jersey smart lighting contractor knows these things are only a fraction of what they’re capable of. 

Smart building systems are akin to an intelligent and dynamic “house” that provides a comfortable shelter for smaller, advanced structures. If you begin to think about smart buildings in this way, you can then realize that they go far beyond the ability to control temperature and lighting. In fact, a smart building system from C&C Technology Group extends into every part of the building. 

Smart Building Systems by a Smart Lighting Contractor

Our team will consider 100s, even 1000s, of elements when creating your custom smart building system. These include plug loads, heating, cooling, water, safety, HVAC, occupancy, environment, resource management, and more. By considering everything that makes your building run, your smart building automation system can ensure all the occupants are happy, while saving you time and money. To learn more now, call C&C Technology Group. 

Creating Smart Building Systems

Hours of planning by a smart lighting contractor goes into the creation and customization of a smart building system. This may include 2D sketches, 3D design, mapping and engineering considerations, and more. Our team also considers things that may be common sense. For example, minimizing any thermal bridging so that there are no major temperature fluctuations during the workday. 

We’ll also think about the occupants of the building. These people will naturally give off their own body heat, which means the more there are inside, the more we will need to consider the temperature. Occupants also require so many plugs and the right lighting. Lacking either of these things could result in underperformance. Rather than going off of a baseline assumption, we are able to create a smart building system that actually monitors what your occupants prefer, need, and don’t like. 

The Importance of Monitoring a Smart Building

It is impossible to say what occupant will and will not prefer, or how they might utilize space without consistent and accurate reporting. Furthermore, assuming these things could be a costly mistake. For example, let’s say you were to assume the power used from each occupant’s power outlets. Your building is in the New Jersey area, and was hard hit with an extra cold winter. This resulted in half of your employees bringing in their own space heater to keep their feet and legs warm underneath their desks. If you assumed your power usage, you would take a hit that winter on your energy efficiency. 

The same thing might happen when you create an open floor workspace rather than the intended closed floor space. Even though these things might seem small, they can cost you a lot of money and hassle. You can avoid this by monitoring your smart building. Often special sensors, HVAC, and other devices will be installed to take care of this task. Overtime you will be able to review the data and find out where your building is saving money, and where it could use some improvement. 

Get Started with Smart Building Systems that Solve Problems

A smart building system is more than a trendy feature. Rather it is a solution to some of the biggest complaints from business owners, property investors, and occupants of a building. If you’re ready to improve your building and make the lives of your occupants better, call C&C Technology Group today to meet with a smart lighting contractor. 

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