Smart Lighting Vendor

Smart lighting vendor

C&C Technology Group, a New Jersey smart lighting vendor, offers smart building technology as an integrated solution to occupancy monitoring, energy reduction, visitor management, data analysis, and overall building optimization. 

Who Is Smart Building Technology For?

As a dedicated smart lighting vendor, our products have been installed into buildings and residential homes of every size. Smart building technology is most useful for:

  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Food warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Universities
  • Educational centers
  • Government buildings
  • Research facilities
  • Financial institutions

A reduction in overhead costs, data which helps to make the right business decisions, and an increase in the occupant’s comfort levels are only some benefits to our smart building technology. Each smart lighting vendor at C&C Technology Group can speak with you about your business requirements so you can make the smartest decision that will continue to pay off in the future.

We Offer Smart Solutions

Our smart building technology comprises of a broad range of customizable features including:


Once the smart building system has been integrated into your premises, you’ll be able to monitor and review monthly information reports. These will feature key management statistics and live information, such as energy usage and building occupancy usage. 

Smart IoT System

Our smart lighting vendor explains that part of smart building technology is the ability to integrate IoT systems. You can connect various facets of a building that enable you to understand and manage space utilization, lighting usage, preferred temperature, and so forth.

Building Access

Depending on your needs and preferences, we can customize your system to work on a programmable key card, fingerprint, pin code, or biometric data. Many buildings opt for a key card that provides access to multiple applications and systems. 

Space Maximization

Smart building technology available from our smart lighting vendor includes the option to manage and maximize the space and occupancy of your building. You can also monitor movement, humidity, and air quality, all of which provide you with a real-time analysis of the space in your building. This data can assist you in creating a more productive workspace that benefits the occupants and maximizes the usage of building space. 

Shape Your Companies Future with Confidence

The advantages of smart building technology are vast. By integrating this technology into your building with the help of a smart lighting vendor, you will notice:

  • A reduction in energy usage
  • A decrease in operating costs
  • Rapid return on your investment
  • Optimized building performance
  • Improved functionality
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Better security
  • Refined time management

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Information technology and the Internet of Things play a massive role in the ability to provide ease and comfort to the end-user. Smart building technology is part of IoT and is designed to form a comprehensive suite of customizable services that help to enhance comfort, save costs, improve security, and protect the environment. 

Our smart lighting vendor explains that, currently, there is an unprecedented growth of smart technologies, as well as a unique window for property owners to gain an edge over their competition and supercharge their building and business. Smart building technology can increase the net market value of your building while acting as an impressive, well-organized feature that is noticeable by tenants and visitors. 

If you are interested in smart building technology and want to speak with a smart lighting vendor, New Jersey clients recommend, call  C&C Technology Group today to schedule a consultation to see all we offer. 

5 Ways that Smart Buildings are Making a Difference in Commercial Real Estate

Smart building technology has made a positive impact on various types of property, especially for commercial real estate. Today’s society and businesses are striving for a more environmentally conscious way to manage their office building, in addition to saving money on energy costs. With the advancement of this smart technology, software can now make automatic adjustments to the lighting and temperature based on preferences, season, and occupancy. 

C&C Technology Group, a smart lighting vendor, wants businesses who are interested in occupying a smart building property to know more about the potential benefits. Here are the top five ways that smart buildings are making an impact on commercial real estate: 

#1 Expanding Innovative Options

Technology overall is consistently evolving and offering new ways for people to manage their spaces while saving money, energy, and stress. By installing an automatic smart system, business owners can have more functionality and improve operations. Because these systems collect data, business owners can get more insight into how much energy is wasted with manual heat, cooling, and lighting. 

#2 Appeal for Tenants

Smart lighting vendors know that developers for commercial real estate have to appeal to tenants’ needs, especially for those looking for a new office location. If the building doesn’t offer what the previous building had, then it could make it challenging to find people who want to occupy the space as their company office. Since plenty of money is often put into maintaining the building and marketing, struggling to find tenants could cause catastrophic loss.

#3 More Efficient Building Operations

These automatic systems in the property can enable managers to reduce how much energy is being used while creating a comfortable environment for staff. Our smart lighting vendor at C&C Technology Group shares that this software collects data and then can make prompt adjustments based on real-time information. For example, if a room has no occupancy and a worker forgot to turn the light and heating off, with smart technology, the cost for keeping that running overnight is no longer a concern. Smart software can catch this lack of occupancy and dim the lighting and neutralize the temperate until the next day.

#4 Encouraging Environmentally Friendliness

Smart building technology installed by our smart lighting vendor, can automatically perform various actions pertaining to office lighting, heat, cooling, and energy use in general. This software limits the opportunity for human error and encourages a more environmentally friendly approach to office functioning. The smart technology is usually flexible in that it can be added anywhere in the building. 

#5 Tenants are Guilt-Free

With how much our society has put importance on taking care of the natural world, more tenants want to know they are as environmentally conscious as possible. A smart lighting vendor can help tenants who occupy a smart building commercial property to feel more guilt-free about their energy use. Tenants may be willing to pay for premium smart technology because of what it offers in the long run. Many tenants want a technology infrastructure that is already established, so move-in is much smoother. Tenants may also add more smart software, which can raise the property value even further. 

For more information about how C&C Technology Group, a smart lighting vendor can help you, contact our offices today.

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