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Third Party DAC Vendor

Third Party DAC Vendor

Third-Party Vendor Integra Optics forms strategic partnership with Legrand

Third Party DAC Vendor

The recent partnership between Integra Optics and Legrand is creating quite the buzz. The relationship leverages both company’s strengths to offer a complete line of transceivers and Direct Attached Cables (DAC) under the Legrand Powered by Integra name.

For years, the C&C Technology Group team has been representing manufacturers of racks, cable trays, fiber and copper cabling, cabinets, trunking cables, patch panels, patch cords, PDU’s. Now, thanks to third party DAC vendor Integra Optics, we are able to offer our customers DAC cables. This complements our breadth of products.

A DAC cable is a twinax copper cable that connects directly, the ports (or line cards) within active equipment, such as switches, routers, servers, or data storage devices, in a data network. DAC cables are becoming increasingly popular, not just within data centers but within wider areas of the industry. They offer a very cost effective, efficient, and easy way of making connections.

Our expertise at C&C Technology Group has been in the first layer of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model. Layer 1 consists of the various networking hardware and transmission technologies employed by networks. This layer serves as the foundation, the fundamental layer underneath the logical data structure of other higher-level network functions. It is considered the most complex layer simply because of all the different hardware combinations that are possible.

While our background has been in Layer 1 structured cabling solutions, getting familiar with switches, routers, servers, and data storage devises will be a welcome challenge to the C&C Technology Group team.

The team at C&C is provided extensive training on the manufacturers products and solutions we represent throughout the year so the team can bring the benefits and features of those products and solutions to our customers to get the job done. We have been doing so for over 35 years.

“Getting a meeting with network managers is no easy task but having DAC cables in our toolbox just gave our sales team the product that will now get their attention when they hear that we have a product that can provide reliability and affordability in all kinds of applications”, says Ken Gray, Inside Sales Manager at C&C Technology Group.

Network managers can also feel comfortable when dealing with third party vendor Integra Optics because of the state-of-the-art engineering capabilities and the most trusted and most reliable product offering in the telecommunications industry.

The benefits of DAC cables include lower power consumption, wider operating temperature, reliability and faster transmission. These cables are available in 10G to 40G QSFP cables, InfiniBand, Mini-SAS cables, SFP cables and more.

When you have a need for high speed cables with transceivers on either end to connect switches to routers or servers, please call C&C Technology Group, representatives for Legrand Powered by Integra Optics.

For more information about C&C Technology Group, Legrand, or third party DAC vendor Integra Optics,  please visit the following websites: and

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