10 Best Poe Light Fixture Brands

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The lighting industry has undergone a transformative change with the advent of Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting systems. These smart lighting solutions offer enhanced control over light quality, energy efficiency, and extended bulb life. PoE lighting platforms use Ethernet cables to power luminaires (light fixtures) and enable data transmission between the luminaire and control software. By leveraging the capabilities of PoE technology, businesses can achieve better control, reduced energy costs, and improved lighting experiences. In this article, we will explore the ten best PoE light fixture brands that are at the forefront of this lighting revolution, offering cutting-edge solutions to elevate the illumination and efficiency of companies.

1. Platformatics: Empowering Smart Buildings with PoE Lighting Solutions

Platformatics stands at the forefront of the PoE lighting revolution with its advanced automated platform-based PoE lighting system solutions. The company’s comprehensive offerings include intelligent PoE nodes, area controllers, Ethernet switches, wall switches, sensors, lighting fixtures, and cloud-based applications, all integrated into fully cohesive solutions. By utilizing modular architecture and PoE light nodes, Platformatics ensures that any LED light with its power interface can seamlessly integrate into the system. These smart lighting solutions not only enable energy-efficient control but also enhance user well-being with customizable light spectrums and intensities. From productivity lighting to emergency and egress lighting, Platformatics provides flexible, scalable, and secure support for diverse applications, tailored to meet the demands of any organization.

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2. IGOR: Transforming Buildings into Smart Spaces

IGOR‘s PoE-based IoT platform, Nexos, is designed to deliver comprehensive smart building management solutions, transcending beyond lighting control. Nexos seamlessly connects all electrical elements within a building, including lighting, sensors, fans, blinds, security devices, and more, into a unified IoT hub. By assigning an IP address to every connected device, Igor’s platform enables effortless monitoring and control through its intuitive IoT and smart building management application. The result is a sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective building automation solution, powered by data-driven insights.

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3. Genisys: Innovative PoE Lighting Solutions for Commercial Applications

As the PoE lighting division of Innovative Lighting, Genisys specializes in developing cutting-edge software and hardware PoE lighting solutions for commercial applications. The company’s software controls automate light levels, scheduling, daylight harvesting, and more, while its hardware offerings include a wide range of luminaires and control components. Genisys’ innovative Quads provide expandable solutions for different zones within a structure. With dozens of patents and trademarks, Genisys leads the industry in providing flexible and scalable PoE lighting solutions for the digital IoT world.

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4. NuLEDs: Bridging the Gap Between Lighting Fixtures and IoT

NuLEDs excels in delivering intelligent PoE lighting systems that create a seamless connection between LED light fixtures and the Internet of Things (IoT). Through NuLEDs technology, lighting fixtures can be powered using low-voltage CAT5 cables, making it easy to integrate with existing infrastructure. The platform enables fixtures to receive an IP address, interact with networked sensors and devices, and become fully programmable. Versatek and NuLEDs have collaborated on various projects, including the sustainable Volvo Building in Northern California.

5. Cree: Empowering Businesses with Smart Lighting Control

Cree’s Smartcast Intelligence Platform combines intelligent luminaires with IoT and innovative apps to provide sensor-rich lighting networks and data-driven insights. With PoE-based SmartCast technology, lighting systems can consume up to 70% less electricity compared to standard LED lighting. Cree’s expertise in LED lighting and semiconductor products further enhances the performance and endurance of their solutions, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking advanced smart lighting control.

6. MHT Technologies: PoE Building Automation and Lighting Solutions

MHT Technologies is an industry-leading PoE building automation software company and lighting manufacturer based in New York. Its flagship product, Inspextor, offers an end-to-end PoE-based solution that includes hardware and software components for smart building management. Inspextor’s hardware manages, integrates, and powers various systems, such as lighting, access controls, sensors, shades, and security devices. The software provides actionable consumption data, empowering building owners and managers to optimize energy efficiency and enhance control over their environment.

7. WTEC: A Pioneer in Renewable Energy and Smart Building Technology

WTEC Energy, a wire, cable, and steel manufacturer for the U.S. energy market, has made significant strides in renewable energy and smart building technology. Their Smartengine technology provides fine mesh sensor networks and lighting control throughout built spaces. The proprietary technology centralizes power and control of light fixtures, distinguishing it from traditional PoE systems. While Smartengine offers unique advantages, it may not suit every application, and careful consideration is necessary.

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8. Molex: Bridging Connections with Innovative Interconnect Solutions

Molex is a pioneer in creating connections through engineering expertise and innovative interconnect solutions. Their CoreSync platform offers a widely used system that integrates with existing network technology. However, it may have certain limitations, making it essential for designers and integrators to carefully assess its suitability for their projects.

9. PoE Texas: Making PoE Accessible Worldwide

PoE Texas has been delivering PoE solutions since 2011, expanding the potential of IT infrastructure without replacement. With over 150 products designed to integrate seamlessly with existing network technology, PoE Texas brings PoE accessibility to businesses worldwide. Their team of PoE experts collaborates with organizations of all types to create smart buildings for lighting, automation, displays, infrastructure, and more.

10. Sinclair Digital Services: A Division of Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Digital Services, a division of Sinclair Broadcast Group, creates world-class media solutions that deliver relevant and compelling news, entertainment, and sports content. While the company primarily focuses on media applications, its offerings extend to lighting control and smart building management.

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Illuminating the Future with PoE Lighting

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Power over Ethernet lighting technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, enabling businesses to achieve energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced control over lighting systems. The ten best PoE light fixture brands showcased in this article have demonstrated their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and smart building management. As the demand for intelligent lighting solutions grows, these brands will continue to shape the future of illumination, providing businesses with the means to achieve unprecedented efficiency and performance in their lighting systems.

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