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Since its inception in 2011, Iron Box has rapidly expanded to become one of the world’s top power cord suppliers and one of the fastest-growing companies in just ten years.

Iron Box’s success is based on its dedication to unsurpassed quality and customer service. Their commitment to pairing quality power cord products with unparalleled customer service helped them quickly gain a large, loyal base of customers, in turn driving them to continue striving for improvement.

About Iron Box

Iron Box offers premium UL-listed power cables and a world-class shopping experience for organizations of any size, no matter how big or small. Whether you’re a large-scale data center requiring thousands of cables to keep your servers powered up, or a home consumer looking for a generator power cable to prepare for an impending storm, Iron Box will match your needs with a product and make sure you receive your high-quality power cords quickly as possible. 

Their prices are also some of the fairest in the industry. In 2016, Iron Box was inspired by Amazon’s success in prioritizing shipping efficiency, customer service, and returns policies and decided to adopt their business model philosophies of putting efficiency and customer service first. Iron Box stands out from its competitors through its fast turnaround times, free shipping rates, hassle-free return process, and dedication to ensuring the customer is satisfied every time.

Iron Box Products

Iron Box can stock, build, or source just about any power cord. Some types of power cables they offer include generator, server, power distribution whips, splitter cables, plug adapters, outlet box builds, legacy equipment, laptop cords, extension cords, A/V, watertight, pendants, dryer, tray cables, home electronics, Molex connectors, and EV. They also have ROJs that are one-sided, locking, blunt-cut, or angled.

Why Iron Box?

Premium Quality Power Cables

Iron Box sources high-quality power cords from leading global manufacturers, and their factory suppliers include two injection molding facilities based in the United States. The firm employs the highest quality materials in their molded cables and engineer a diverse array of UL-listed custom cables utilizing parts from top brands such as Pass and Seymour, Hubbell, Anamet, General Cable, and Eaton.

Efficient, Accurate Shipping

Iron Box aims to connect you with your cables as quickly and efficiently as possible and prides itself on some of the business’s best shipping services. Some unique shipping benefits they offer include same-day shipping on in-stock cables if the order goes through by 4 PM EST, along with their built-to-order custom power cables, which are often shipped within 24 hours of ordering. Iron Box will do whatever is necessary to get the customer what they need on schedule- they’ll put in extra hours, ship same-day orders, and make late drop-offs at the FedEx airport terminal.

Biggest Inventory

Through their warehouses and extensive network of partner factories and warehouses spread worldwide, Iron Box boasts the world’s largest number and variety of stock cables. They ship their products out of different facilities in Utah, North Carolina, Ohio, California, New Jersey, and Canada. They also directly import products from multiple locations in the Asia Pacific region. As a supplier of UL-listed custom power cables, Iron Box can adjust plans quickly and construct almost any configuration necessary at a moment’s notice.

Unparalleled Services

Few other companies in the industry offer the kind of customer and technical support Iron Box is dedicated to. Iron Box promises to go the extra length in any situation to ensure that their customers enjoy a truly world-class buying experience. Their award-winning tech support team will work with your organization every step of the way to design and launch a specific cable to your specific needs, and the firm’s sales and customer support teams will follow up with you and respond with quotes at a moment’s notice.

World Class Quality Control

Iron box’s goal for every order is to abide by 100% quality control metrics for fast, accurate shipping, defect-free cables, and sending the correct order. They understand how an inaccurate shipping date, incorrect product, or faulty cable can cause your project to go into a tailspin and put your whole team in crisis mode. This understanding is why they implement rigorous inspection and testing processes that go through three separate verification processes, which require signing off by a manager for every order. 

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Iron Box Industry Solutions

Data Center

Iron Box is a top manufacturer of power cords for IT infrastructure, data centers, and other mission-critical applications. Products include under-floor PDU whips, server rack cords, tray cables, and plug adapters.


Iron Box can fulfill your OEM power cord needs, from delivery to design. Their expert team of engineers will work with you every step of the way to build a custom solution for your specific product and match you with bulk discounts that help keep costs low. Types of cable include NEMA, IEC, and California Standard. Iron Box also offers custom bagging, labeling, and a wide array of other choices


The firm is a UL-listed manufacturer of power cables that can be employed in hospital-grade applications. Some types of power cables your hospital can utilize include plug adapters, extension cables, and a broad range of custom cables used in IT closets, labs, and operating rooms.

Home Consumer

Iron Box can always connect at-home users with the product they need at a fair price with excellent service and fast delivery every time. Home power cable types range from EV, generator cords, and power tools to GFCI, dryer cables, and home computers and electronics.

Ship To Shore

No matter if you’re a large marina seeking to offer a solution for your customers with large yachts and ships or a small boat owner looking for a replacement cable, Iron Box can match your needs with the perfect watertight-rated product.


Heavy-duty power cord solutions are available for a wide range of industrial applications, from military installations to factories. Typical industrial power applications include cables with high amperage ratings and rugged housings, featuring Pass and Seymour, Hubbell, and Appleton components.


Iron Box offers off-the-shelf and custom power cables for small and large-scale construction sites to meet their temporary power requirements. Some offerings include rugged extension cords, pendant cables, 50A power cords, and custom spider box build options.

Stage Lighting

Performance and reliability are key in stage lighting; put on your best show confident that your cables will not fail or come unplugged at a crucial moment in the middle of television production, concert, or sporting event with their substantial lineup of CAMLOCK, Nema locking cords, stringers, and power distribution boxes.

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