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C&C Technology Group is proud to partner with Molex to offer flexible, high-performance smart building solutions. Molex draws from three decades of experience and the global expertise of partnering with established vendors.

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Molex ‘s Smart Building Solutions

With its CoreSync solutions, here’s how Molex is revolutionizing the software and hardware we use in smart buildings.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, refers to a network feature that enables electrical power to travel through an existing data connection using an ethernet cable, conveying DC power to IP-enabled and Powered devices. This method reduces the number of cables needed to install the network. PoE has revolutionized how modern networking infrastructures operate, offering a cost-effective and convenient way to deliver both data and power connectivity over a single connection. 

PoE is a crucial component of technology that allows new systems to become available for commercial environments. PoE fuels a variety of building management applications, including HVAC, lighting, and digital displays. Organizations from student campuses to large corporate offices utilize PoE technology as a piece of their sustainability initiatives and facility management strategies.

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Smart Buildings

Molex’s smart buildings use automated processes to control business operations like HVAC, lighting, and security systems. These buildings help owners and operators improve their asset performance and reliability, optimizing space, minimizing environmental impact, and reducing energy use. While the concept of smart buildings has existed for years, thanks to Molex, the technology to make it practical and within reach is now available.

As the world’s technological evolution and digital transformation accelerate exponentially, many new opportunities arise to improve our lives’ sustainability, quality, and efficiency. Molex leverages these opportunities in the connected real estate market to form the crux of “smart building technology.”

The “3-30-300 principle” is shorthand for how much an organization pays per square foot every year for energy, real estate, and labor costs. Energy only covers $3 per square foot, meaning that energy saving is only the tip of the iceberg. Molex sensor technologies may help reduce the $30 real estate costs by optimizing how occupants utilize space. Since payroll is often a company’s most significant expense, Molex’s smart building technology offers controllable and customizable environments to improve tenant satisfaction and employee productivity, creating significant potential savings.

Here’s how Molex’s smart building technology helps cut costs:

  • Turn lighting and HVAC systems from reactive to proactive, which offers significant energy savings.
  • Extend the life of your equipment by utilizing predictive maintenance and smart monitoring.
  • Speed up installations and reduce costs by using unified wireless and network systems.
  • Use mobile and web monitoring to reduce operating and travel expenses.
  • Utilize embedded computing to allow device-to-centralized and device-to-device communication, which decentralized decision-making and enables real-time responses.
  • Gain data insights to optimize your business processes further.

CoreSync Solutions

Molex’s CoreSync Platform enables smart buildings by orchestrating building systems like meeting room management, PoE lighting, automation systems, audio-video solutions, powered shades, and more.

The company’s PoE devices help design building systems with an extensive range of network sensors, devices, and accessories that utilize PoE to impact your business outcomes directly.

Their PoE software is a full-stack solution with cloud capabilities designed to maximize operation efficiency, productivity, and occupant experience through the use of frictionless integration.

Smart Desks

Molex’s smart desk solution gives individuals more control over their office environment. CoreSync solutions control lights and light color automatically to resonate with the natural biorhythms of people to help boost productivity. Users can set a preferred temperature, and CoreSync can adjust settings based on who is present.

Smart Spaces

Smart spaces support the growing mobile workforce, and smart buildings enable managers to optimize their assets easily. By utilizing integrated sensor technology, managers can better understand worker patterns and automatically respond to personal preferences.

Smart Emergency

The CoreSync network helps you be smarter during an office emergency. Speakers and audio alarms broadcast high-level messages to direct people away from danger and towards safe locations. This system utilizes intelligent directional lighting to help guide people in a non-verbal manner.

Smart Connectivity

Other than the energy-saving intelligent sensors that automatically predict staff movements, smart buildings are deploying a multitude of Molex’s PoE solutions. The company’s PoE devices and software provide electrical and data connectivity to VoIP phones, IP cameras, lighting, BMS, and WAPs.

CoreSync PoE Gateway

Molex’s wireless PoE Gateway enables simple integration with EnOcean-based devices for control and monitoring within the CoreSync system. It’s IP-connected and powered with CAT5e and CAT6 UTP cabling.

CoreSync Manager

CoreSync Manager, Molex’s lighting software, provides support for the entirety of smart lighting control systems, from design to installation and operation. Compared to traditional methods, CoreSync’s software provides efficient lighting solutions in less time.

CoreSync Control

The Coresync Control Environmental Sensor provides solutions for various applications that enable the smart features of digital buildings. Wireless and wired sensors enable real-time savings by aligning event requirements with your building and business needs.

CoreSync LED Driver

Molex’s CoreSync Smart LED Driver is a programmable, compact DC/DC driver that you can use for specific power outputs and driving LED engines in various light fixtures that are controlled and powered by the CoreSync PoE Gateway.

We Partner with Molex for Coresync Solutions

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