Network Transceiver Vendor

REP Firm C&C Technology Group and Network Transceiver Vendor Legrand – Powered by Integra lead the way in Network Uptime.

Network transceiver vendor

Incorporated in 1985, C&C Technology Group has established itself as one of the leading manufacturer’s representatives for the telecommunications industry. Our manufacturers are continually researching the latest technological breakthroughs, assuring the best products for today’s as well as tomorrow’s markets.

One of those manufacturers is network transceiver vendor Legrand, powered by Integra. Legrand offers fixed-wavelength and tunable optical transceivers in rates running from 10 to 100Gbps. Legrand complements these products with passives, meters, jumpers and related technology.

A network crash means lost revenue and productivity, endangering mission critical applications or connectivity. Equipment failures reveal the true cost of choosing inferior components. You can be confident that you are getting the best network transceiver in the industry when you choose Legrand.

Serving telecom, cable and data network industries, Legrand helps network equipment engineers, designers and managers around the world build out new fiber optic networks, extend the value of their existing networks and maintain uptime with the most reliable transceivers and fiber optic components available. We are providing network solutions for over 300 organizations worldwide.

Legrand’s transceiver offering has been expanded to operate in a wider range of equipment from popular manufacturers such as Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Finisar, HP, Juniper and more. Legrand’s transceiver offering is competitively priced, TAA compliant and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Legrand delivers on their promise of uptime by focusing on three basic principles for their manufacturing and supply chain operations.

  • INTEROPERABILITY – Legrand manufactures their transceivers to be 100% interoperable across all OEM platforms.
  • RELIABILITY – Legrand delivers them correctly coded and tested 100% of the time using the only high-speed robots in the western hemisphere.
  • AVAILABILITY – Because Legrand has the largest inventory in the western hemisphere, their customers are increasingly turning to them to manage their supply chains.

Legrand has time-tested and specialized experiences and push for continuous evaluation towards self-improvement and next generation ideas.

When evaluating a network transceiver vendor, Legrand recommends you ask the following questions.

  • Interoperability – Are there any platforms you do not support? Why these?
  • Reliability – What is your failure rate? Do you code and test every transceiver you sell? Do you offer a remote coding tool?
  • Support – If one of your parts fails, how can you help me get the network up again? Can you support my techs if they trouble in the field?

What are the most common customer support challenges you face?

  • Availability – How long will it take your parts to arrive to my location? Do you have inventory available to ship on demand?

A network crash means lost revenue, decreased customer satisfaction, and reduced customer retention. There is no room to cut corners when your reputation and your bottom line are at stake.

Legrand is committed to delivering the service and support that keep your network up and running. When you choose Legrand as your network transceiver vendor, you benefit from the best engineering and customer support in the industry.

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