Superior Essex Raises The Bar Again

Superior Essex PowerWise

“We’ve set the benchmark for communications cables many times before, and… we’re raising the bar again.”

– Brian Ensign, VP of Marking Superior Essex

This quote comes on the heels of Superior Essex Communications obtaining UL Verification for PowerWise® Extended Distance under its Sustainable Intelligent Building (SIB™) Platform. Superior Essex Communications, the leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable in North America, received this verification for use of its industry-leading PowerWise® Power over Ethernet (PoE) products for extended distance applications.

The SIB™ 1G and SIB™ 10G UL Verification, an unbiased, science-based evaluation that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims, and Superior Essex’s PowerWise 1G 4PPoE and 10G 4PPoE cables have hit the mark. “Today’s large and complex structures contain a multitude of devices that must be reliably connected to operate critical functions – security cameras, computers and phones, heating and cooling systems and wireless access, to name just a few,” continues Brian. “Our PowerWise cables offer the kind of performance that meets those data and power needs and provides the critical link for the operation of IoT devices at longer distances.” 

 In the case of PowerWise 1G and 10G 4PPoE, the cable performance has been lab-tested by UL with its Bit Error Rate (BER) systems to account for verified distances for different applications, such as 100MB, 1GB and 10GB data rates. This results in a copper communications cable that provides authenticated performance up to 160m dependent upon application. PowerWise 1G and 10G 4PPoE cables have also been adapted to ease any possible temperature buildup with a new heat transfer element. This results in greater energy efficiency and performance. Copper cabling is a unique solution with unique challenges. When power is distributed over copper cabling, it causes increased heat. This is the result of the internal resistance of the conductors over the length of the cable. The end result can be a loss of energy at the powered device. The new design, however, creates a reduction in additional heat throughout the length of the cable. This produces overall better bandwidth and power efficiency.

To show their competence within the field of today’s crucial applications, Superior Essex is revamping their PowerWise product line with new features and benefits. This includes:

  • PowerWise 1G 4PPoE. This cable is compliant to EEE 802.3bt standards for Type 1 to Type 4 PoE. It is ideal for high power/low data applications that require up to 100 watts of power and up to 1 gigabit Ethernet performance.
  • PowerWise 10G 4PPoE. PowerWise 10G 4PPoE cable is the best solution for high data/high power applications compared to standard Cat 6A designs.
  • PowerWise Fiber. This cable is designed for applications where either the distance or the power requirements of the end device exceed what PoE is capable of reaching or supplying.

PowerWise for extended distance applications provides major savings in several ways. The clear data and power extending past 100 meters allows for fewer telecom rooms. The PowerWise cables use 22 AWG copper conductors which in turn provide the lowest insertion loss and voltage drop. There is no more reliable solution on the market at this time.

The high level of performance aside, Superior Essex Communications cabling products offer a host of other benefits. They are manufactured sustainably and designed to diminish the environmental footprint.

Interested in learning more about the Superior Essex Communications Cabling Products? Visit Superior Essex Communications page to learn more about their efficiency and sustainability. Click Here

Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Josh Mahan

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