What is AVoIP? New Business Opportunity Worth Note

what is avoip

The professional AV (pro-AV) sector has been transitioning away from closed proprietary systems, thereby lowering entry barriers for pro AV integration. With this transfer, a larger group of datacom networking specialists will have access to professional AV integration. Our business procedures have changed as a result of the migration from proprietary, channel-restricted matrix switching to IP-based switching.

What is AVoIP?

This method is known as audio-visual over Internet Protocol (AVoIP). IP switches, as opposed to proprietary, channel-limited matrix switches, have limitless channel capacity. You are no longer limited by the number of channels accessible on a matrix switch. If more channels are required, just add another IP switch to the network. 

Simply put, AVoIP is the transfer of audio, control signals, and video using any IP infrastructure, such as a LAN, WAN, or 5G wireless. In contrast to conventional analog AV systems, AVoIP utilizes common network equipment to switch and transmit video and audio data, allowing it to utilize existing CAT5e wiring rather than installing significant new wire and avoiding the inconvenience and expense this can bring.

The days of replacing a proprietary matrix switch with one that has more channels are long gone. What if the switch provided by the manufacturer is no longer in stock? These impediments are no longer an issue. Anyone with IP networking knowledge may now integrate professional AV systems.

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AVoIP’s Benefits

Because AV over IP devices are pretty widespread in the market and don’t need complicated programming, the initial investment is relatively modest to produce a functional solution.

A source can be exhibited in any room by bringing a receiver in, connecting it to the network, and attaching a display. This is another benefit. Even though they are powerful encoders and decoders, most AV over IP equipment can be powered by the network. A considerably more versatile and user-friendly arrangement, particularly over large estates, is produced since physical wires no longer need to be moved to make room for modifications and systems can be simply handled via software. 

This greatly streamlines the distribution of real-time content via digital signage, for instance, by mixing 4K video, text, and much more that can be helpful in any setting from education and corporate to health and retail.

According to the use case, AVoIP applications may be better isolated from the IT network. Otherwise, the end-user experience may suffer from the implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) and other network management protocols. Of course, moving large amounts of images or video files over a LAN infrastructure may initially raise concerns. Although it is unlikely to be a significant problem, designating a separate network is frequently a reasonable compromise to guarantee that the IT and AV teams are comfortable with their configurations and that the user experience is not compromised.

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A Growing Opportunity

Opportunities for pro AV expansion and integration start with current datacom or security customers who are open to AVoIP. A security integrator or datacom contractor can easily develop value-added solutions and expand into a new, lucrative AVoIP business by using their customers’ networks and their IP networking expertise.

How can companies take advantage of AVoIP opportunities? It all comes down to cultivating strong customer relationships, being aware of the customer’s surroundings, posing inquiries, and collaborating with the ideal value-added distribution partner.

From there, there are numerous chances for corporate growth, ranging from adding or expanding apps like unified collaboration and conferencing or mass notification to modernizing current AV applications.

For example, consider an integrator setting up or upgrading a client’s datacom network or physical security system in a business establishment like a sports bar. The integrator observes numerous monitors while at work that span the sports bar, the casino, or perhaps each floor of the office complex. The monitors broadcast amusement and advertising material across the structure or location. The integrator observes error warnings appearing on various monitors. The appropriate distribution partner can give that integrator a little extra information so they can ask some important questions to uncover an opportunity.  

There are huge opportunities for security integrators and datacom contractors to enter the pro AV market, as was demonstrated in the aforementioned example. Data shows that AVoIP will experience a huge growth rate.

By utilizing their distribution partner’s expertise and knowledge, IP network experts can grow their pro AV business and bring in additional revenue with the help of the proper distribution partner.

International Distribution 

Smart integration specialists understand the necessity to connect with distribution partners that can give them access to global supply chains, a large selection of products, and logistics know-how in an increasingly competitive global market. These ties have given integrators easier access to new clients without the trouble or cost of conventional business development.

Taking this a step further, integrators can acquire access to new accounts with the correct distribution relationships. From the pro AV perspective, new accounts can include conventional AV applications like mass notification or conferencing, in addition to any future pro AV requirements these customers may have.

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AVoIP’s Future

Digital AV systems (AVoIP) are quickly replacing analog AV systems in the market. As more businesses transition to various hybrid work environments, the demand for professional AV integrations is increasing. The world is complicated and moving quickly, and this train isn’t stopping. The fact is that AVoIPbased solutions can be remotely managed and are more dependable, connecting over standards-based network infrastructure. Integrators are more crucial than ever in the fast evolving pro AV market. Integrators assist buyers in navigating rapidly changing technology and selecting the top user-friendly solutions.

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The New Business Opportunity: AVoIP

AVoIP has quickly become a popular technology because it is easy to use and helps businesses stay organized. We hope this blog post has helped you understand all there is to know about AVoIP and its benefits for your business. Be sure to check out our blog for more helpful articles on the latest technology trends. 

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