5 Benefits of using InfoGlass LED Displays in your Commercial Space

InfoGlass LED Displays from ReveLux.

Are you looking for a reliable, versatile, and affordable display solution for your commercial space? Whether you need to showcase your products, services, or brand messages, you want a display that can deliver high-quality performance, durability, and aesthetics. That’s why you should consider InfoGlass LED Displays from ReveLux.

What are InfoGlass LED Displays?

InfoGlass LED Displays are transparent glass displays that use LED technology to show various types of content, such as images, videos, animations, text, and more. They are designed for always-on commercial use, meaning they can operate 24/7 without compromising their quality or longevity. They are also lightereasier to install, and more attractive than conventional displays, all for less than you’d expect.

What are the Benefits of InfoGlass LED Displays?

InfoGlass LED Displays have many benefits that make them a great choice for your commercial needs. Some of the benefits are:

  • Ultra Bright: They have a brightness of 500-700 nits, which means they can show dynamic and vivid content even in bright environments. You can also opt for an antireflective screen that eliminates any glare or hot spots caused by ambient lighting.
  • Remote Controllable: The displays can be controlled remotely by a media player, a computer, or a smartphone via HDMIUSB, or Wi-Fi. You can also schedule power cycles to save energy and extend the lifespan of your display.
  • Customizable Design: They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your space and style. You can choose from three models: InsightMagnavision, and Pictura. Each model has its own features and specifications, such as screen size, resolution, aspect ratio, and more.
  • Low-Profile Design: The sleek design with minimal bezels creates a clean and modern look. They are also lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for use in various settings where space is limited or valuable.
  • StoryGlass Warranty: InfoGlass LED Displays are backed by a 5-year warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions. You also get 24/7 support from ReveLux’s team of experts who can assist you with any issues or inquiries. Additionally, you can request replacement kits in case you need to repair or replace any parts of your display.

How Can You Use InfoGlass LED Displays?

InfoGlass LED Displays can be used for a wide range of applications and industries, such as:

  • Retail: Display your products, promotions, or brand messages in an attractive and innovative way. You can also use InfoGlass LED Displays to create a smart fitting room that allows customers to try on different outfits virtually.
  • Hospitality: Create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Provide information about your services, facilities, or local attractions.
  • Healthcare: Improve the quality of care and communication for your patients and staff, and display medical images, charts, or records in a clear and convenient way.
  • Education: Enhance the learning experience and engagement for your students and teachers, and display educational content, such as videos, animations, or quizzes.
  • Corporate: Improve the productivity and collaboration of your employees and clients, and display business data, presentations, or reports in a professional and impressive way.

How Can You Get InfoGlass LED Displays?

If you are interested in getting InfoGlass Displays for your commercial space, you can contact ReveLux through their website: https://www.revelux.com/. ReveLux is a leading provider of smart glass solutions that offer high-quality products and services. ReveLux will help you with:

  • Consultation: ReveLux will assess your needs and goals and provide you with the best solution for your project.
  • Installation: ReveLux will install InfoGlass Displays in your space with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
  • Support: ReveLux will provide you with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your satisfaction and performance.


InfoGlass Displays are transparent glass displays that use LED technology to show various types of content in an interactive and innovative way. They have many benefits, such as ultra-bright, remote controllable, customizable design, low-profile design, and StoryGlass warranty. They can be used in various settings and industries, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and corporate. If you want to get InfoGlass Displays for your commercial space, you can contact your local C&C Technology Group Representative.

Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Josh Mahan

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