Best RJ45 Crimper: Top Picks for High-Quality Networking in 2023

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RJ45 crimpers are essential tools for anyone working with Ethernet cables and network installations. These versatile devices allow for the termination of Ethernet cables by attaching RJ45 connectors, creating secure and reliable connections for data transmission. Whether you’re a professional network installer, a DIY enthusiast, or an IT technician, having the best RJ45 crimper in your toolbox is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and performance of your network.

An RJ45 crimper consists of a device with a pair of handles, a cutting or stripping tool, and a crimping mechanism to securely attach the connectors to the cable. Some models also include additional features, such as built-in testers, cable strippers, or ergonomic handles for comfortable use. One major consideration when selecting the right RJ45 crimper is the durability and quality of the materials used in the construction, which can affect the longevity and performance of the tool.

When choosing the best RJ45 crimper, one factor to consider is compatibility with different types of Ethernet cables, such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a. A quality crimper should deliver consistent, accurate results with minimal effort while minimizing the risk of damaging the cable or connectors. User-friendly design, ease of use, and a comfortable grip are also important factors that can greatly impact the satisfaction of the user.

We conducted thorough research and hands-on testing of various RJ45 crimpers to identify the best options available on the market, prioritizing the efficiency, durability, and usability of these essential tools. With our findings, we hope to help you make an educated decision in choosing the perfect RJ45 crimper for your needs.

Best RJ45 Crimpers

We have carefully selected the top RJ45 crimpers available on the market to help you handle your networking projects with ease and efficiency. Dive into our list to find the perfect tool for your needs.

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Data Cable Crimper

Klein Tools VDV226-110

The Klein Tools VDV226-110 is a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking a high-quality RJ45 crimper with pass-thru technology.


  • Pass-Thru technology reduces prep work time
  • All-in-one tool: wire stripper, crimper, and cutter
  • Compact, non-slip comfort grip design


  • More expensive than some competitors
  • Works best with Klein Tools Pass-Thru Connectors
  • Surface may rust if not stored properly

As fans of Klein Tools, we recently got our hands on their VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Data Cable Crimper and it didn’t disappoint. The pass-thru technology incorporated in this tool significantly minimizes prep work time and the on-tool wiring diagram helps eliminate rework and wasted materials.

The VDV226-110 is quite versatile, acting as a wire stripper, crimper, and cutter for STP/UTP paired-conductor data cables. It trims flush to the end face of the connector, which eliminates the possibility of unintended contact between conductors. The full-cycle ratchet mechanism ensures complete connector termination and the rubber grip adds comfort during use.

However, it’s worth noting that this crimper works best with Klein Tools Pass-Thru Connectors (available in packs of 10, 50, or 200) and it may not perform as seamlessly with standard (non Pass-Thru) connectors. Maintenance and storage should also be considered, as some users have reported surface rust if not stored properly.

In conclusion, the Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Data Cable Crimper lives up to the brand’s reputation for premium quality professional-grade hand tools. Despite being slightly more expensive than some competitors, its functionality, durability, and ease of use make it a worthy investment for those looking to purchase the best RJ45 crimper.

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN All-in-One Ratcheting Crimper

Klein Tools Crimper

This all-in-one ratcheting crimper is a reliable and efficient choice for your network and phone cabling needs.


  • Versatile all-in-one tool for cutting, stripping, and crimping
  • Durable steel construction with black oxide finish
  • Compatible with multiple connector types (RJ22, RJ11/RJ12, and RJ45)


  • Some users report difficulty in trimming wires
  • Slightly bulky design
  • Lacks a dedicated wire trimming blade

We recently had the chance to work with the Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN All-in-One Ratcheting Crimper and found it to be a valuable tool in our networking toolbox. The ratcheting mechanism ensures a consistent and secure crimp with each use, making our work on voice and data applications a breeze.

One of the standout features of this crimper is its compatibility with various connector types, allowing us to work on RJ22, RJ11/RJ12, and RJ45 connectors with ease. This versatility makes the tool ideal for individuals who work with different cabling systems and appreciate having a single tool to handle multiple tasks.

However, some users may take issue with the slightly bulky design of the crimper. Despite this, the tool has an ergonomic grip that ensures comfortable use over extended periods, and the steel construction provides durability and long-lasting performance.

Another minor drawback is the lack of a dedicated blade for trimming wires, which some users find inconvenient. Nevertheless, the Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper offers an excellent combination of versatility and performance, making it a solid choice for those in need of a reliable ratcheting crimper.



The PETECHTOOL RJ45 Crimp Tool is a reliable and efficient choice for professionals and DIYers working with Ethernet cables.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • All-in-one crimping, cutting, and stripping functions
  • Secure blade replacement system


  • Not suitable for shielded RJ45 plugs
  • Blade length is not adjustable
  • Stripper function could be improved

The PETECHTOOL RJ45 Crimp Tool offers a compact and lightweight solution for handling Ethernet cables. We appreciate its all-in-one nature, as it combines crimping, cutting, and stripping functions in one easy-to-use package. Even as beginners, we felt confident working with this tool, knowing that it would provide professional results.

Moreover, its unique blade replacement system is commendable. Unlike other crimpers where the blade is fixed with nails and easily comes off, the PETECHTOOL features a special notch that keeps the blade securely in place with a black clip and nails, ensuring clean cuts while working with cables.

However, there are a few downsides to the PETECHTOOL RJ45 Crimp Tool. First, it’s not suitable for shielded RJ45 plugs, which could be a dealbreaker for some users. In addition, the blade length cannot be adjusted, so it may not be the perfect fit for every situation. Lastly, the stripping function could use some improvement, as it didn’t perform as well as we’d hoped.

Overall, the PETECHTOOL RJ45 Crimp Tool is a solid choice for both professionals and DIYers who work with RJ45 cat5e, cat6, and cat6a connectors. Its compact size and all-in-one functionality make it a convenient and practical addition to any toolbox, despite a few minor drawbacks.

YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimping Tool Kit

RJ45 Crimping Tool Kit

For an affordable and comprehensive RJ45 crimping tool kit, the YWNEGWE set is an excellent choice for home and small network setup projects.


  • Comes with multiple accessories (20 connectors, 20 covers, cable tester, wire stripper)
  • Professional-grade for both Ethernet and telephone cables
  • Durable, high-carbon steel build


  • Batteries not included for cable tester
  • Not ideal for large-scale commercial projects
  • Lacks a detailed instruction manual

We recently used the YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimping Tool Kit for a home networking project and were impressed by its performance. The set comes with everything needed to create custom Ethernet cables, including connectors, covers, a cable tester, and a wire stripper. It’s designed for professionals, with the capability of handling both Ethernet and telephone cables.

The high-carbon steel construction of the crimping tool ensures its durability, which was evident as we worked on our project. However, we found it important to mention that the cable tester requires batteries, which are not included in the kit. Additionally, while the quality of the tools is suitable for small projects, they might not hold up to the demands of large-scale commercial work.

One issue we encountered was the lack of a detailed instruction manual, which left us relying on web resources to figure out some aspects of using the kit. Nevertheless, once we got the hang of it, the YWNEGWE crimping tool kit allowed us to easily cut, strip, and crimp custom Ethernet cables to suit our needs.

In conclusion, the YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimping Tool Kit is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to undertake small networking projects, offering both affordability and a decent level of performance. Just be prepared to source your own batteries and seek external guidance for proper usage.

YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimp Tool Kit

RJ45 Crimp Tool Kit

We highly recommend the YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimp Tool Kit for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable solution to crimping Ethernet connectors.


  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • All-in-one tool for stripping, crimping, and cutting
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications


  • 9V battery for the network cable tester not included
  • Not compatible with AMP connectors
  • Sharp, replaceable blades may require extra caution during use

Before using the YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimp Tool Kit, we’ve always looked for a crimper that is versatile and reliable. This kit has been an excellent addition to our toolbox. The all-in-one functionality, including wire stripping, crimping, and cutting, saves a significant amount of time and effort. Furthermore, we’ve used it successfully with CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a connectors for various projects such as telephone lines, alarm cables, and computer cables.

One aspect of the tool kit that stood out to us was its sturdy construction. The RJ45 crimper pass-through is made of professional-grade heavy-duty steel, and the black oxide finish resists rust and corrosion. This allows the tool to deliver exceptional torque without bending or easily breaking, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Although there were a few drawbacks to consider when purchasing the YWNEGWE Crimp Tool Kit, such as the absence of a 9V battery for the network cable tester and its incompatibility with AMP connectors, we felt that the pros outweighed the cons. The comprehensive kit, including 20 CAT6 Pass-Thru Connectors, 20 Connector Covers, a Wire Stripper, and a Network Cable Tester, offers great value for the price.

Overall, we have had a positive experience using the YWNEGWE RJ45 Crimp Tool Kit. Its durability, versatility, and wide range of applications make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a reliable Ethernet crimper. However, we would advise users to take care when handling the sharp and replaceable blades, and not to forget purchasing a 9V battery for the network cable tester separately.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best RJ45 crimper, there are several factors to consider. We’ll discuss some key features to help you make an informed decision.

First, consider the build quality and durability of the crimper. A tool made from high-quality materials, such as carbon steel and non-slip rubber handles, will provide better performance and longevity. It is also essential to ensure the tool you choose has a proper cutting edge and crimping mechanism to avoid damaging connectors.

Another important factor is the ease of use. A crimper with a comfortable grip and smooth ratcheting mechanism can make the task more manageable and reduce hand fatigue. Additionally, look for tools with clear markings and color coding to help ensure you are using the correct connector types and sizes.

Compatibility is also crucial. Check that the crimper you choose can accommodate various connector types and sizes, such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat7 Ethernet cables. Some crimpers also offer compatibility with other connectors like coaxial and telephone cables.

Lastly, consider any additional features or accessories that come with the crimper. These may include a built-in cable stripper, cutting blade, or even carrying cases. These extras can help streamline the cable installation process and make your job more efficient.

To help you compare different crimpers, consider using the following table format:

Build QualityHighMade from durable materials, such as carbon steel and non-slip rubber handles
Ease of UseHighComfortable grip, smooth ratcheting mechanism, and clear markings
CompatibilityHighSupports various connector types and cable sizes
Additional Features/AccessoriesMediumBuilt-in cable stripper, cutting blade, or carrying case

Taking the time to research and compare different RJ45 crimpers based on these features will help you choose the best tool that meets your needs and ensures a successful cable installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top crimping tools for heavy-duty tasks?

For heavy-duty tasks, we recommend robust and durable crimping tools. Some popular options include the Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD, the Greenlee Paladin PA8045, and the TRENDnet TC-CT68. These crimpers are designed for extended use and offer superior performance, making them ideal for professionals who need reliable tools for high-volume jobs.

Which Klein tool is best for RJ45 crimping?

When it comes to Klein tools, the VDV226-110 Pass-Thru Modular Crimper is our top pick for RJ45 crimping. This tool is designed specifically for connectors with a pass-through design and provides efficient and reliable connections while being easy to handle.

What should I look for in an RJ45 crimping tool kit?

In an RJ45 crimping tool kit, look for a quality crimping tool with a comfortable grip, precise cutting and stripping features, and compatibility with a wide range of connectors. Additionally, it’s helpful if the kit contains replacement blades, connectors, and a carrying case. A built-in cable tester can also be a valuable addition to the kit.

How do pass-through crimpers compare to regular ones?

Pass-through crimpers differ from regular crimpers in that they allow the individual wires of the cable to pass through the connector, ensuring proper wire alignment and eliminating the need for an additional trimming step. This feature can make crimping easier and reduce the chances of mistakes. However, pass-through crimpers are not compatible with every connector type, so it’s essential to select the appropriate tool for your specific connectors.

Which RJ45 crimping tools work best with test equipment?

RJ45 crimping tools that offer built-in cable testing, such as the Fluke Networks 11212530 Modular Crimper, can be particularly useful when working with test equipment. These tools allow you to verify the integrity of the connection right after crimping, saving time and effort by identifying issues immediately.

Are there any standout crimpers for VCELINK pass-through connectors?

For VCELINK pass-through connectors, we recommend the VCELINK RJ45 Crimp Tool, designed specifically for these connectors. This tool is made from high-quality materials, offers reliable crimping, and includes additional functions like wire cutting and stripping. As a result, it provides consistent performance and compatibility with VCELINK pass-through connectors.

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