What are Locking Power Cords?

What are Locking Power Cords

Many businesses use technological processes to make sure their systems are running smoothly. It’s an essential component of any successful business.

However, specific movements from devices or human error use can lead to cords disconnecting. As a result, processes will be slower and can affect the efficiency of your business. 

So how can you ensure that your cables stay connected? You can use locking power cords. There isn’t one type; there are a few different cables that you can use, depending on your technological infrastructure. Continue reading to learn more.

What Are Locking Power Cords?

Locking power cords allow you to keep your technological infrastructure intact. Sometimes a power supply can be interrupted because of machine operation or human error. 

But with locking power cords, you’ll be able to combat any potential problems. Here are some of the different power cords available.


Z-lock power cords are dual locking cords that are compatible with any IT infrastructure. By locking the connections into place at both ends, it eliminates accidental disconnects.


If you want to ensure that your connections are extra secure, you can use P-lock power cords. They have locking clips that enable your plugs to remain firmly secure.

P-lock power cords are great for connections between computers and PDU’s situated in data cabinets.

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A-lock, or auto-locking cords, is another helpful locking power cord commonly used in data centers. There are locking mechanisms on the female end of the cable that will lock the matching inlet in place.

You can also use A-lock power cords for machines that have heavy vibrations to combat any potential disconnections.


V-lock power cords provide a strong connection for the inlet or outlet of devices, preventing any disconnections. There’s also a yellow mechanism that enables the cord’s easy release, but it cannot get undone by human error.

V-lock power cords are great for devices that need constant electrical output, such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Lab machinery
  • Data and telecommunication equipment

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IEC Lock

IEC locks are useful for any device that uses an IEC-specific inlet. Medical devices, broadcasting equipment, and data centers rely on IEC locks for their functions.

Another bonus of IEC locks is their universal fit. So, if you were remodeling your IT infrastructure, IEC inlets wouldn’t need any modification.

Retention Sleeves

Sometimes your device connections may fit, but they may be secure. To ensure their security, you can attach a retention sleeve to the inlet.

Retention sleeves are compatible with connections such as:

  • C13
  • C14
  • C15
  • C19
  • C20

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benefits locking power cords

The Benefits of Locking Power Cords

Locking power cords are essential for any business or entity that uses electrical applications for its processes. Here are some benefits of having locking power cords in your IT infrastructure.

Prevents System Downtime

As we’ve established, your devices and machines will have securer connections with locking power cords. They’ll be free disconnections caused by human error or application vibration. As a result, you’ll limit your system downtime and reduce operational costs.

Map Your Power Chain

When you think about cords, the image of tangled black cords probably comes to mind, right? It’s a common problem with IT systems, but it’s not impossible to fix. 

By using locking power cords, you’ll be able to map out your power chain easily. Each cable comes in a different color, so you’ll be able to match these colors to your PDUs.

Faster Troubleshooting

When your devices have troubleshooting issues, it can be hard to find the problem when your cords are the same color. But if you color coordinate the cords and their PDUs, you’ll be able to deal with troubleshooting issues faster.

Since you’ll be able to deal with troubleshooting issues faster, it will increase your system’s efficiency.

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install locking power cords

How Can I Install Locking Power Cords?

Now that you have the necessary information surrounding locking power cords, it’s time to add them to your IT infrastructure. But how do you do it?

It’s a lot harder to install the necessary cables when you’re not really sure how you want your system to look. So instead, you can collaborate with C&C Technology Group.

At C&C Technology Group, we’re the leaders in:

  • Data Center Solutions – We address fundamental business problems and provide solutions for today’s IT professionals 
  • Custom Designed Data Centers – We’ll create data centers centered around your business’s needs
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As you can see, we provide plenty of options to help increase your company’s IT infrastructure efficiency. There’s no need for your company to fall behind the times. With our help, you can propel yourself into the future and be a leader in your field.

Contact C&C Technology Group today to learn more about our IT services and how our solutions will benefit your business. You can also follow our blog for other important tech information.

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