InVue Zone Detection Security for Open Racks

InVue Zone Detection Security for Open Racks

Your server room is the brain of your company. This is where all your vital, sensitive information is stored, and the processes that drive your company’s business takes place. It’s essential that you find the best technology for your business. Your open racks must be secured, and only authorized personnel should have access to them. 

That is where InVue Zone Detection comes in! This unique detection system will change how you secure your open racks and allow you to feel more confident in your system’s security. 

InVue Zone Detection has features that other security systems don’t. These features set this security system apart from the competition and make it the only reasonable option for companies that want to keep their open-racks secure. 

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What Is InVues Zone Detection?

InVue’s Zone Detection is a unique security system with special features that enhances and empowers data center operations through physical security measures, real-time access control, and auditing capabilities for all doorless equipment inside the data center. 

This industry-leading technology is a unique security system that will reduce the risk of costly breaches without affecting your uptime. Data breaches happen daily, and a new record for data breaches is set annually across various industries. 

Uber suffered a data breach earlier this year, and it’s brought this concern to the forefront of many companies’ minds. You need the best security system possible to avoid a data breach, and that’s what InVue’s Zone Detection provides. 

This security system utilizes a single sensor unit, access control point, and reflector field to provide your open racks with a field of detection that covers the full length of the rack. This system detects any unauthorized interaction instantly, and InVue’s one key easily authenticates users and authorizes access to designated equipment. 

InVue’s Zone Detection is a superior security system that immediately detects unauthorized access to your open racks, provides real-time access control, and provides auditing capabilities for all doorless equipment.

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What Are The Features of InVue Zone Detection?

InVue’s Zone Detection is an industry-leading security system for open racks, sensitive areas, and critical equipment. You need a security system you can trust for these areas, which is why InVue’s Zone Detection comes with these unique and beneficial features.

Physical Security Measures

Zone Detection uses a single sensor unit, access control point, and reflector to keep your sensitive information secure. This security system gives you the visibility you need for your open racks. 

InVue’s one-key authenticates and authorizes users to access designated equipment while immediately alerting you to any authorized attempt at access and preventing the unauthorized person from accessing. 

Real-Time Access

No matter where you are, you have real-time access to InVue’s Zone Detection system. This system offers user-configurable alarms and notifications. You can set the alarm sensitivities to your preference and receive notifications each time equipment is accessed.

InVue’s Zone Detection also offers auditing capabilities that allow you to see a real-time audit trail of all interactions. Site managers can also manage access and permissions, so changes to who can access certain equipment can be made easily and whenever necessary.

What Makes InVue Zone Detection Unique?

There are many security systems out there, so you may be wondering what sets InVue’s Zone Detection apart from the rest. This security system features a smart detection system that doesn’t require the use of physical obstacles. 

Not requiring a physical barrier means you won’t need to use doors with heavy locks to prevent unauthorized access. InVue’s Zone detection uses a single sensor unit, access control point, and reflector to encase your open racks, sensitive areas, or critical equipment.

This system also allows you real-time access to manage access and permissions, configure alarms and notifications, and access and audit trail of all interactions. 

Along with these amazing features, InVue’s Zone Detection is unique because its setup can be done in mere minutes! This drastically reduces the cost of installation and keeps you from losing out on valuable uptime.

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Who Needs InVue Zone Detection?

It’s estimated that 95% of data center breaches are caused by human error. It takes about 280 on average to identify and contain a breach, and the average cost of a breach is about $3.5 million! Any business with open racks, sensitive areas, or critical equipment will benefit from InVue’s Zone Detection.

If you want to protect your sensitive information and avoid those unnecessary time and revenue losses, then you need InVue Zone Detection. It will allow you to protect your open racks and other sensitive equipment while saving your company from unnecessary costs and time loss.

What Are The Benefits of Using InVue Zone Detection?

The benefits of using InVue’s Zone Detection are numerous. This system provides you with all the visibility and control you need to keep your sensitive information and equipment secure. 

Their physical security measures allow you to control who can access which piece of equipment. You can control the hours in which certain equipment is allowed to be accessed, and the real-time access this system provides gives you even more control.

InVue’s Zone Detection will drastically reduce the instances of human error in your data center. You can control the sensitivity of notifications and alarms, manage permissions and access, and view an audit trail of all interactions. This provides unparalleled levels of security and accountability.

Along with these amazing benefits, InVue’s Zone Detection doesn’t cost you valuable uptime to set up. All you need to do is put their sensor unit, access control point, and reflector into place. This simple, easy setup process can be finished quickly without impacting your uptime.

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Protect Your Open-Rack With InVue Zone Detection

There’s a lot to consider when you need the best technology for your business. Whether you’re looking to protect your open rack or another sensitive area or piece of critical equipment, InVue’s Zone Detection can help. 

This system provides you with all the necessary visibility and control through physical security measures and real-time access. Human error will be a thing of the past with this industry-leading security system, and you will start enjoying its benefits from the moment you set it up!

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